nutrient dosers

Im looking for a nutrient doser, just because im lazy, in the uk there isnt any to choose from under best part of £2000, I have seen some outside of the UK for £500+

Does anyone use a cheaper nutrient doser? Do they work? Reliable?

The one in steering to is:
HI-981413-00 GroLine Nutrient dosing system


I just found that part number for $240, anything we can ship to you?

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Or DIY seems a good candidate if you’re like me, I’m lazy enough to want it but not too much to build it!

I’ll have to look up some before I could recommend much parts, but I’d assume it’d be a matter of some peristaltic pumps and a microcontroller. But unfortunately it is a slightly advance project… well if you want it to work well rather than just work.

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This is from the Hanna Instr.UK site,
295 w/o VAT, 354 with.

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I seen that uk site, but I couldn’t find a manual.pdf to read, so im slightly put off, as I have seen some that need calibrating every week & that puts me off.

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How about aquarium dosers? For salt water aquariums you have dosers to keep the levels in check… Maybe you can use that with a bit of smart retrofitting

Something like this

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