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Thanx for answer me

It’s not for PM spam. This is for cases where a person like legalcanada is interested in a strain that I will have. If we are friends he is notified when I post an info / topic / etc. So he knows if I have the strain or not and he can at that moment send me a PM. No need to follow all my topic/post or somethiong like that ! Thats another use…

I do not know if you understand me well




You probably mean following a user… I’ll think about it in the future…

Currently he can follow this topic and be notified automatically about new replies if he has “Tracking” or “Watching” enabled - see button below the topic.


hi all

Yes thank for that. My English is …
I mean “following a user”.

i don’t really understand that can you explain pls ?
1- Profile setting to opt out of showing as online > connect on site and members can’t see you ?

2 A members gallery for images - upload once, link to many posts after. > …q…sdgf…kjf…hkzl… what ? it’s not in English :slight_smile:



Edit: It’s ok for the question n° 2 yeeeesss

I would like to be able to remove the picture gallery view for the moble view.

These pictures;

I love the pictures, and the idea that you can see a preview ontop. What i don’t like is that they take like 2 seconds more to load, and every time i go to click a thread on my phone the pictures load and cause me to click something else, than i have to go back, wait for it to reload etc etc


Good point… I’ll try to think about some solution to turn it off optionally. :thumbsup:


That would be a good addition, we need users to support overgrow so we can grow more, there are many ways, you $5 a month or something like that. I know that there’s an option in which you pitch in and at the end of the year you get a care package with tons of seeds or something like that!


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if i’m understand this correctly, you can already upload a picture once and post it in multiple threads etc… after you initially upload a picture to a thread you can COPY the <img src=… (the code that’s inserted in place of [Uploading…]) and paste it in any other thread. i hope i made that clear

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I think that originally the idea was also about some interface to browse through all your photos and some easier way to “clone” the photo into another post. The way through the IMG tag is easy on the desktop but little but cumbersome on the mobile.


The ability to change the default view when coming to the site.

I’m a bit old fashioned and like to see the “Categories” view over the “Latest” tab.

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you can select “Categories” near the top of the page next to New Unread Etc or alternatively can visit here

Oh I know… But while we’re all wishing for shiny new buttons to click, That was my suggestion. It’s not really that big of a deal lol.

It really depends on how flexible the forum software is. I’m really digging this software over the other places I frequent.


when looking through my inbox if i could see usernames instead of avatars, and i could just ctrl+f and find the conversation in a second. it’s pretty inconvenient having to search their profile to look at their picture, compare it to a big list.

or if i could see active conversations w/ someone while viewing their profile page like i can see their topics replies etc.

edit: clicking the search icon while in your message inbox shows a check box “Search Messages?”


Show how many visitors are online

‘‘I feel a little overgrow famous for this one lol’’


I would like to see 2 symbols created, or find direction to them if they are in here somewhere.

One for male: ♂

and one for female ♀

Seems easy!

Keep seedin’



So politically incorrect!!

What about the transgender and no gender people.

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Registered visitors (members) are shown on homepage…

i think he means to show guests online, im curious sometimes too


Any way to see non registered visitors? Just curious.