Support Overgrow through Patreon

I have thought for long about this. How to offer unlimited photo storage and site free of obtrusive advertisement banners and at the same time retain our independence of particular brands or sponsors.

Sites tied to some brands or belonging to particular companies logically tend to have forums with limited self-expression. They often show phenomena like banning critical discussion or external links to some competing products. This can’t yield anything good and we’d like to avoid this at all costs. Our members could and should review any products they wish, share their opinions and even have the option to critically express themselves.

Much better way is I think to have great community of fans that like what we are doing and can support us on the way. Some can donate $1 a month and some even $10. With growing number of fans I think we could safely ensure site operation and even future growth and development.

And then I’ve ran into Patreon - site that does exactly what we need - it aggregates small monthly donations. Using our profile there you can became our supporter and even get some rewards for your support!

If you use the same e-mail address on Patreon that you are using here on OG we can easily identify you and set you up with the Supporter Badge and Custom Title next to your username (you can also stay in anonymity if you wish). In the future we can add more features to the group of supporters but for now it is you - generous supporters - who is bringing others free to use Overgrow and helping to cover its costs. And also guaranteeing that Overgrow will stay.

Thanks to all Overgrow supporters!

p.s. Some features - like supporter badges - will be working with next update.


I already signed up to support our home, need to renew my card before the end of the month to be able to contribute!

Happy to do it from the bottom of my heart!

Actually, thanks @LemonadeJoe! For bringing our home back to us, after all this time!


My little stone for a new home. Can’t wait to wear proudly the badge ^^


I threw in a few bucks! Hopefully more in the future.


No contribution is too little. Thanks @Muleskinner, you are an honorable grower.

Thanks bro!


I’ll never register with any outfit that needs my real info to help out here but will happily fire off a few bux cash in a plain envelope to where it can be used. Got a $2 US bill if that helps. :slight_smile:


Guys i need some help.
I’m jealous of lancien, i can’t find the badge OG supporter anywhere ^^ I’m a bit high too lol


click your preferences and it’s under “title”


thx ;o)
Arf, i only have the “Oldschool Member” badge available. I guess that i’ve to wait the activation.


oh i think you have to request it from LJ after you’ve signed up, send him a PM


Done ;o) Thank for you help.

Thanks a lot for your contribution @Lancien, @Fuel and @Muleskinner!

I’ve just set Custom title “Overgrow Supporter” it for you (of course you can choose any title you want, just PM me)… There is no automation at this point, so I have to add it manually…

I plan to introduce Supporter’s Badge in next update!

Thanks @Fuel for the tip with Flair (that small little green icon next to my avatar that signifies my user group), I think we should add that for supporters too :slight_smile:


Proud to show my colors !


Thanks a lot, I understand your fear. There is definitely option to stay anonymous and not share personal details with Patreon.

Mailing cash is probably to cumbersome :slight_smile: but I appreciate your generosity! What about supporting us with bitcoin? And we really welcome seed donations, that we could use for prizes to supporters or contest winners in future!

You can also support us by buying seeds through our affiliate links.


Keep up the good work guys! I love the way OG can handle large pictures, so we can see our flowers in their full glory. And keeping it non-commercial? That almost brings a tear to Johnny Hempseed’s eyes! :smile:


This is the greatest community ever! Thanks to all of you guys, every single one of our members. And you can also support overgrow by posting pics of your grows, comment on everyones posts, and continue to be a dedicated member of our community, that is another way to help, bring your friends and family to the site and let’s all overgrow together!



Yeah yeah give :sunglasses:




Really simple but really true


@LemonadeJoe does it have to be a recurring payment or can I go and drop a few bucks anytime? Some months are tighter then others but I just quit smoking the devils grass “cigarettes” to cut costs and I’m sure I can find something left over to pitch in to help do at least my part to keep this site growing. I know all about server and hosting costs and they are the downfall of many good sites… I’m not sure you need it but I may be able to help out with some server parts or upgrades etc. I have a credit with a company that handles business to business trading and they get stuff like that time to time, ill be in touch in the future if stuff comes up. Stay learning