OG Website Feature Wish List

i was just wondering if it was possible to pin the one post in the giveaway thread explaining which strains were which to make sure everyone saw it. i guess tagging the relevant people or direct messaging would accomplish the same but i’m sure people will figure it out. next time i’ll just include a note in the envelope :laughing:

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It is better to use first post in the topic for most important resume and update it continuously. Then refer to the first post when bumping the thread with new post…

It can be edited endlessly when you mark it “as wiki post”.

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I would like this as well…gets me every time


@Kalgrae for the longest time i was annoyed by the scrolling page because it made it hard to CTRL+F to find things then I realized the search bar has a tick box to “search this thread” makes it very easy to find keywords or posts in a topic, just fyi :slight_smile:

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Currently, the forum automatically reduces all white space between words/letters to one space regardless of how many you type in. I was wondering if it’d be possible to make all spaces following a period have 2.

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2 spaces after a period would look weird. What are you talking about?

I had no idea until I read your comment. Just used it the other day.

you’ve never heard 2 spaces between sentences? i think it’s an old rule from typewriters, but i also learned to type that way in school and all my english classes required two spaces between sentences. i think it makes reading easier, but apparently HTML ignores extra white space

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Yeah, just ruffling feathers. Been out in the garage to long.

you could use the non-breaking space character a couple times. It’d be slightly interesting to know if there were a preference. I’d prefer not, but that’s from a design perspective. I’m hyper-critical of all typography.

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Did you know, two spaces after a period is correct?

I am still adjusting to no apostrophes and single spacing after sentences. But I am old fashioned.


yes when i was looking it up it seems like editors at publications can go either way, or english professors, so it’s best to check before undertaking writing assignments. but i think we are a minority these days. i’m not even 30 yet and i’ve always double spaced between sentences.

i’m also a proponent of the oxford comma. it’s the difference between “highlights of his global tour include encounters with Nelson Mandela, an 800-year-old demigod and a dildo collector” (<— actual quote from the times) and “highlights of his global tour include encounters with Nelson Mandela, an 800-year-old demigod, and a dildo collector”

it may seem like semantics, but it had very expensive financial consequences for this company


Classic. Long live Shakespeare.

is there a way to delete conversations/messages or just archive them?

Currently you can only move them to Archive.

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Is there any way to set the pictures ontop to random so they are not almost always the same?

is there a way to have hooktube videos embed in the same way youtube videos are? it’s essentially a website GUI for the youtube-dl command line program. replace any youtube URL with hooktube

Share YouTube videos without giving them views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. View quarantined videos as they appeared before YouTube Heroes got to them. Keep your data private from the G.


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Interesting idea. I don’t generally need to download videos, but it is great feature. Good to know for people that like to download these videos.

For now isn’t just better to have video embedded by linking directly to youtube and using hooktube just for downloading selected vids?

I mean we could possibly need to manage another interface (updating and so on)…

It will be interesting also to see how long they can live, because they are clearly “datamining” youtube, so google won’t probably be happy with that :smiley:


Sometimes when posts are moved they are out of context and threads get broken. Is there a way to see where a post originally came from? A link would be even better. Or maybe moderators could leave a note when they move things around about why they moved it.

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Do we get to know what features are added/removed during each update?

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Not this time. Maybe for the future. It was a surprise today… LOL

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Haha, well maybe there should be a special post in the patreon site telling us supporters what our donations are doing for the site :wink: