Overgrow is back? lol

When did overgrow come back? I remember it got shut down in like 2003? or something


Yep welcome back.

head over to the introduce yourself thread https://overgrow.com/t/introduce-yourself-og/4325 and give a hello might find some members thats were around from back then.

And if wanting a bit more of what went down and the history this thread is good https://overgrow.com/t/history-of-overgrow-com/31


thanks brotha it feels great to be back, I remember I was so sad when it got shut down, I used to come on overgrow all the time, you guys were like family to me… anytime i had an issue in my real life i would post on here to get second opinions and advice, the smokers lounge always had very interesting topics… it was like part of my daily routine! f the government! its legal in california oregon colorado and other states now! they couldnt stop our movement! thats whats up!


Hello @Ruin ! Welcome!

Also get your Old school badge in this topic…

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over grow the world fk em


such an intriguing history and i think there’s some linked articles about PoM which are interesting too

One day someone will mention PoM and he will appear…