Site Update February 2020 - What has changed

Most of the things will not be noticable at first sight. But there should be major improvement under the hood in speed, usability and comfort specially when navigating on mobile devices. And there is a dozen of features that I’m sure regular users will love! It also bring new tools to help our moderators.


Damn, what am I gonna do for two whole days now?!
I know it’s a good thing for the community, but it’s starting to feel like an adult, two-day, time out… probably well deserved, but still!

Curbing my OG addiction for two whole days could cause some severe side effects… luckily, I have some good pot to help me make it through.


As a part of preparation for update I’ve been also able to enable new feature:

Reply by Email

If you are using email notifications with post excerpts you may find this handy when you want to quickly respond without logging to the site.

You can now just respond to notification email to reply to topic Even photos for upload can be attached to email.

To test this feature, please enable email notifications in your profile.



What kind of “tools” are those?

Just kidding, willing to use the new goodies and features, best of luck with the process and thanks for the implementation … :sunglasses:


Hopefully Ban from email? :smiley:
I kid, I kid!

@LemonadeJoe will this bring back the fabled “Who’s Online” feature!?


Going down at midnight?

Thank you for putting in the time and effort to make this site even better for mobile users.I look forward to using the changes

Not at the moment but possibly with future updates… Unfortunately this plugin is not maintained by its author and is not compatible with latest software. For me it is not a core feature so I don’t want to invest time to fix it (there are more urging parts)…

And also we are much bigger than years ago so I wonder if it would work that well… It is mainly for small sites to create some idea of traffic …

Starting the update now!

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Welcome back! w00t! :seedling:

Site is now live again after update that went OK (roughly 4 hours), but there will be still minor issues that I’ll be fixing in following hours.

Minor outages are still to be expected.

(On first sight you can see that I’ll need to regenerate avatars)


Nice job, well done. And the ignore feature works great! May it bring peace to OG.


Just fyi At the moment drag and drop does not seem to work had to manually browse to a file to upload. Photo on sd card in phone was unable to just drag it in pc window to browser to upload as before.

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Just checked the drag and drop from a PC. Ok from here:

Awesome! We have tables?

Col A Col B Col C
A1 B1 C1
A2 B2 :smile:

Alignment tools?

Left Center Right
My content is on the left I’m the center of the world I like being on the right side
:waxing_gibbous_moon: :full_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon:

Latex (math) would be nice/cool?

$f(x) = \int_{-y}^{y} \phi(y)sin(y) dy$


Survey (testing)

  • Just visiting
  • I live here
  • Come here for work

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Majority of updates that needed offline site were done successfully. The rest will be done on live site and I don’t expect more down time during the weekend.

Avatars are still slowly regenerating (No need to take action on your side). Homepage carousel with galleries is temporarily turned off.

Please report any problems that you find. I’ll present some new features later… (you can probably run into them).

From my testing on iPhone and iPad I’m sure that the site is now 100% more usable on mobile :slight_smile:


Big thanks to @LemonadeJoe for resurrecting, maintaining and upgrading this

I am certainly grateful.


Site looks real good.


Hey @LemonadeJoe when I respond to a thread the text box zooms in very close cutting off words. Just something I’ve noticed.

Everything is looking good! :v:

…icmag looks like crap today :smirk:

(edit: can vote!)



trust level 2 was set but u should have cleared that…

Edit: opened…time was set but poll did not run on time or …?