High resolution images on Overgrow

Morning @LemonadeJoe been having a bit of trouble recently with the new upload limit. I understand it’s gonna be to save some server space but every photo. Even the stuff made smaller in Picsart still won’t fit.

I did make a collage the other day for a multi photo post and that seems a good way to keep file sizes smaller for uploading. But without having to download even more apps and doing more editing which already takes a fair bit of time posting is gonna be a lot harder/more frustrating.
Anyone else having the same issues?

UPDATE: (edit LmndJoe)

Overgrow now accepts very high resolution images! See this post:


Yes. Can we use other photo site links here? I cant seem to hit that number.

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I’ve done some testing and originally thought that I’m setting limit for optimization (target size) not for upload… Sorry for that… Now I see that in some cases it won’t let you upload bigger files…

I’ve increased that limit…

I will need to upgrade the server because we are running out of space (amount of photos is really huge), so I was playing a little bit with settings to buy me some time :slight_smile:


Thankyou. Ill continue to make an effort to keep my files smaller by collaging multiple pics. Maybe add a limit on the amount of photos a user can upload in a day to save space?


Yes, this forum eats disk space and bandwidth.

When you embed it takes the original (3-4 Meg’s) then resizes it to 500px in html. If you can embed smaller images (1200px) rather than the originals they’ll be a kB compared to mB. Save on bandwidth and storage :blush:

Not sure if it would break and metadata part of the site unless you copied over shutter speed, iso, …


My photos probably account for a good portion of that used space. Apologies lol.

I would be okay if there was a script in place that compressed/resized images either during the upload process or a cronjob that happened a few times a day, deleting the originals.

I already do my own compression/resizing before uploading, anyways, and I lose a lot of the photo quality in the process. Sometimes will upload to an external host for some of my DSLR shots that are like 40mb each sometimes.


It doesn’t help when some are uploading 20 high res pictures of 20 seedlings with their life stories every day…
Maybe more of an “overview” approach to garden updates would be more efficient?


I agree part of it is education as well, guess we should probably mention it when we see others doing it, not mention makes reading/viewing easier…

Im also one of those that resizes before uploading too typically in the 500-900kb per pic range with 1920x1920 max picture sizes, 1280 for less important pictures


I resize all mine, but they come ut to about 1.3 megs each, not .8 of a meg??? Lets me post them.

Do I need to start making them smaller ???


It was only for a short while mate the 800kb limit. Mine seem to end up around the 1.3mb size too. I bought a Google pixel 2 a bit ago to take good photos though :joy:

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Doing “grow logs” and “grow diaries” is an integral part of what Overgrow is all about, and I suspect that many of them are used as personal documentation as well… so people feel free to make detailed threads to preserve information for their own use. This could also be done on their own computers in a Word document or something similar. Then just a few of the highlights could be posted to share with everyone here?
Just a thought to help ease the growing data-traffic and storage loads on the server.


Pictures are essential in this forum, not only for the beauty of the plants but also for detecting sex, pests or deficiencies. Avoiding PNGs and a reasonable size limit would be great, I don’t want to see blurry pixelated pics with low resolution … :sunglasses:


40mb for a picture of a plant? I could understand that if you’re sending it to High Times as a cover photo, but not so much as a regular thing to document progress of a phenotype or strain…

You must be really into weed porn … :wink:


I would think detailed pics are appropriate when trying to present a garden problem to the group for help and advice. No problem with that… details are good when trying to figure out a sick plant :slight_smile:

As for blurry pics… gotta wonder why they’re posted at all, and there are plenty of them.


I said sometimes lol I havent even taken out the DSLR for plant shots in a while, not that I have to or am trying to justify my reasons for doing so.

But in all honesty, who is to say what is excessive and not. I know I’m one of the biggest offenders, I upload a lot, and a lot are 4-5mb in size. It’s the format (of grow logging) that works for me with the equipment I have vs the time I’m willing to spend.

That’s why an auto compression feature would be so nice. I could feed the server my 40mb file and it would resize it to something appropriate, and fair, instead of expecting us to police each other over some kind of “code of honor” or something :wink:


Perhaps that “code of honour” is really what we need, at least people being conscient of this problem. I always prefer self control better than someone controling me. Remember the 20 characters rule? Do we want more of that? :grin:


Honestly, I never thought about it. Maybe there needs to be some type announcement and some instruction on how to resize photos. I know some may not understand uploading large photos cost more for the community. I’m glad I read this post. Also we need to police ourselves. Be polite but let “offenders” know of their digital faux pas.


My side? I donate so I’ll upload whatever I want.

If the upload cap is getting that close then maybe we should be thinking about a timer thus 2016-2017 threads go bye bye or the photos in the threads do. There’s a reason photobucket and things alike delete pictures after X amount of time.


Show me them leggy leaflets brother in RAW image file if you would. Even doubles :joy:


No pun intended …