Stealth Cab Design

Hey everyone!
I’m in the process of designing out a stealth cabinet and tweaking out the details. This is still just a tentative plan. Mostly just working out the details of what it would cost. Hopefully this all pans out and I’ll be building it in a month. I’m in a prohibition state, so stealth is the top priority. It will be roughly 2ft x 3ft x 6ft (interior dimensions), and I’ll be using it for full runs.

The main issue I’m having trouble with is the fan/carbon scrubber. I’m planning on going with a Cloudline, but I’m not sure if I should go with the 4 inch or the 6 inch. Smell and sound are my two biggest factors, so it needs to be able to be quiet while at the same time utilizing a carbon filter. I’m not too worried about temps. I’ll be using bridgelux strips in a room that never gets above 75. I believe I will have to modify my plans to accommodate the 6 inch (dont think the box would be wide enough). If the 4 inch will be quiet and efficient enough, I’d rather do that.

The second issue I’m having is the exhaust. I was considering using black PVC and a 90 to exhaust out the top. I have two hangups here. First, will the black PVC be adequate light proofing? Second, will using smooth pipe reduce sound significantly enough to warrant it?

Rough sketch below:


Hey Chronic

Sorry can’t help you with the fan and filter choice, but the over all design looks great. Looking forward to seeing it completed and running.

Good luck, I’m following along for this one.

Cheers Johnny

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That’s funny, I posted this in another thread but it might help you…

“Something I ran across back in my telescope days, if you ever need a paint that EATS light. Krylon flat black is what you want, now they have an ultra flat. This was the ‘go to stuff’ back in the 80’s and 90’s for painting the inside of tubes to eliminate reflected light.”.
In your case, the light trap. I would suggest some filtering on the intake, I’m partial to furnace filters but there are many options.
You have only 30 cubic feet of cabinet, a 4" fan should be fine (170/30 = 5(ish) air changes per min). Based on 4" fans are usually about 170 CFM.



Thanks Gpaw!

The reason I asked about the fan is I’ve seen people recommend the 6 over the 4 because the 4 isn’t as powerful and may not work well with a carbon filter. That was for a slightly larger space though.

For the filter, I was thinking about something along those lines as well. Was thinking window screening for the interior vents and some sort of filter on the outside. Considering making a slot to just slip an A/C filter over the 2 intake holes on the bottom. We don’t have furnaces here, but I’m assuming its basically the same concept.

This looks very similar to my 2x3 storage cab… I think the T4 would be plenty IME. I built a DIY duct muffler


Thanks! Itll probably be much cheaper, and quieter, to build one of those and run it out the back than to use PVC exhausting out the top.

Do you have an opinion on whether two 4 inch intakes would be too much? Trying to keep it simple and as cheap as possible. Already planning on buying a pocket screw jig, 4 in hole saw, RIP cut guide, floating hinge jig, saw blades… etc etc etc…

Teo four inch intakes would work great with a 4" exhaust. :+1::seedling:


Yea you’ll be good with the 4" that’s plenty of airflow and it will be quite a bit quieter than the 6. Just make sure the scrubber you buy is matched to the CFM output of the fan and it will work.

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Just wanted to give yall some more info on this build out (hopefully… got the wife on board, now I just need to make sure I can afford to build it). The sides, top, bottom, and possibly the doors of the cabinet itself will be built out of 3/4" plywood. The base will be built out of 2x2s. The back of the cab and bottom of the base will be covered in 1/8" plywood. I’ll be painting the exterior with Behr Satin Black Mocha to match the IKEA furniture we have in our house. Not sure on the interior atm, but was thinking of just painting it white. I’ll be running 14 of the 3500K Bridgelux 22" strips on an XLG-200-L-AB. Not 100% sure how I’m going to mount them yet, but leaning towards good ole angle aluminum. For my inaugural run I’ll be popping some autos using the water only mix @ReikoX gave me the recipe for. Still undecided on whether I’m going to use fabric pots or plastic. I’m a little worried about the humidity with the fabric pots. I live in Mickey’s back yard, so humidity is typically pretty high to begin with.

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Thanks y’all! I’m considering just buying the A/C Infinity scrubber. Figure it’s designed to pair directly, the price isnt bad and neither are the reviews

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dude, that looks so pro you could be making mufflers for race cars =)