Trading seeds, genetics into the world. (Yeti OG x Romulan Heriwana F1)

Yeti OG x Romulan Heriwana F1

Trading for any and all strains. Offers welcome.

This was pollinated from an Og cut of Yeti OG known as headband, was a 13 foot giant with mad resin production (Male). This was used with a short fat Indica romulan x herijuana (Female). This created a nice indica dominant hybrid with fat leafs but with a lengthy vertical growth. Thc is marked as lower because I’ve never had it tested. This strain has been grown in very high altitudes and has an extremely pleasant combination of terps. This strain grows well in all climates, hot= taller lighter color of green. Temperate- dark green with shorter inner node spacing. Cold- the purples start to show from light pink’s to dark reds. These plants can be abused using lst and super cropping and can take a lot of nutrients. But when it comes to lighting, the timing must be very accurate because improper light timing causes re-vegging and stressed pants. This is an f1 hybrid with about 4 different phenos. But the pheno I described occurs 70-80% of the time.

Strainly feedback is here. 15 positive reviews.


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