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  • Overgrow is no way responsible for the exchange, if you dont get your seeds, or you didn’t like what you got. Do not come to me complaining about the exchange. It is between members.
  • Do not post users addresses on here ever. It will be deleted. Security is a big deal, If there is a bad exchange, I do not want to see retaliation, Giving user feedback is ok, but dont compromise address, please exchange personal information with a PM. I have zero tolerance with that kind of behavior, Expect to be banned.

This is a trading section. If you want freebies go post in the proper section.

Thanks!.. And enjoy.


Repost from free seed thread. This is a better place for it here.

My list of seeds: dm me for trade!

If it says bag It came from a plant I either grow 75 % of the time or something I bought and had a seed in bag 25%. These are all 1 or 2 seeds besides the tga packs, freebies from over time he feel me. The bag ones I have dozens of some and only a few of others. It goes down In the DM

Northern light blue - delicious seeds - fem
Blue widow -diafem fem
Bubba 76’ -emerald triangle fem
Detroit diesel - bag seed
Plush berry - bag
Orange kush -bag
Og kush - bag
BlackBerry kush -bag
Chem dawg - bag
Blue dream - bag
Purps - bag
Black dominion -bag
Train wreck - bag
Blueberry headband - bag
White widow - bag
Jedi kush - bag
Green queen - bag
Ice - bag
Crystal - bag
Royal hash - bag
Mystery bag seeds - dozens to hundreds

Super skunk - Sensi fem
Snowcap - DNA limited fem
Mango - blimburn fem
Silver la - Reserva prevada fem
Critical + -dinafem fem
Stacked kush - DNA fem
Lsd - ? Reg? ( got these from a breeder as freebie bit not labeled other than LSD
Jack herer- Sensi Reg
Tijuana - blimburn fem
Dr who- tga fem( probably wouldn’t part w unless something crazy came along)
Ww×bb - female seeds (is the brand ) fem
Goji og - bodhi Reg
Trinity kush - emerald triangle Reg
Marionberry kush - tga fem (probably wouldn’t part) blue dream - Humboldt fem
Bubba kush- Humboldt Reg
S.a.g.e. -TH Seeds - Reg
Mk ultra- Th seeds Reg
Cold creek kush - TH seeds reg
Darkstar - TH seeds reg

If it says bag It came from a plant I either grow 75 % of the time or something I bought and had a seed in bag 25%. These are all 1 or 2 seeds besides the tga packs, freebies from over time, ya feel me. The bag ones I have dozens of some and only a few of others. It goes down In the DM :fire::v::muscle::raised_hands::+1:

Edit : nightmare cookies
Unopened of what appears to be a 5 pack of
Albino Fire Skunk OG - digital genetics
These plus marionberryand Dr who are trade only. Any bag seed is free if you are in the US, MI prefered.


Hi all …ive been reading a lot of these post and the more I read, the more I want to trade some seeds :slight_smile: I have 7 seeds that I got from a friend that I was going to start up but I thought it would be great to trade on this site.
I’m from Ireland but happy to post anywhere.! :smiley:

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Hello everyone. I dont have access to much here in Costa Rica. I got some outdoor seeds to trade if anybody would be interested, I did a germ test and it came out at 100% so… Any takers!?

I’m not growing these particular beans because they tend to be more sativa than indica and they grow tall… I need indoor beans.


If you post what you have, you might get someone that would want to trade… Also just a couple post up is a member offering a variety of strains for trade…:slight_smile:

Well you already know of my concern that he may have done a hit and run, I sent him around 50 seeds myself for the 4-5 thais he said he was sending… But it has been close to a month since he said he sent them… I just feel a little gullible is all.

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Sorry @pookie123. That is to bad. Karma will get him in the end and you will benefit Karma from your good will.

Yeah, You’re right , Yeah it’s not so bad, I have had others here that have been generous to me including you, so the good outweighs the bad for sure! :slight_smile:


There will be good ones, and there will be bad ones. The point is to release the seeds and get them growing.

I’ll send ya a few to make up for the loss, I’m just waiting on a batch from the breeder.

He might have a good reason so just wait. I know for a fact that I sent eddie.saw 2 packages only one made it.

I’m not making excuses for anybody, but if he answers he has some explaining to do.


I also havnt heard from grow easy. Same here i sent him a few new packs for some thais. But no one has recieved any of my seeds yet apparntly. They should of been there a while ago. I really hate canadas borders. They soo much worse then anywhere else with seeds.

I appreciate your offer GGW, I know you sent him a good selection as a way of saying thanks for him being generous with the highly sought Thais he claimed to want to share. You have been generous with your seeds as it is, And I really appreciate your offer but not necessary, Unless of course it happens to be one of those awesome strains you have been working on,HaHa! But like I said already ,the good karma from the generosity of the members here outweigh the bad . :sunglasses:


Just moved a few posts here, I the trades done with GE, seemed to be more on topic here.

I think the point is I sent those seeds out as freebies. on my dime, you guys wanted to trade… so now the thread has been created, for trades, even if its now feedback. might as well use it.


What strain are your sativa’s? I might be willing to do something depending on what strain you have.:sunglasses:

I dont know the name for them, got the seeds from a batch of real good lemon haze, but, no guarantees… In fact, i’m actually gonna try to get something better to offer before asking for beans from anybody, might not be too appealing right now, When i get good gens, i’ll post it… Thanks guys.

I’m getting carried away by the overgrow renaissance…

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Hey are you in Canada ? Canada post seeds make it every time . I have somegood auto seeds and would swap some if you are intrested in in Canada .


I have blackjack , white widow, mango , blue cheese , ak47 and more

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No bro, i’m in Costa Rica… HAHAHA! Sorry… Would love some of those autos, personally i never tried them, people are divided about autos, what’s your experience with them?

Oh sorry lol , I love autos mine have always been females , just with autos have to start them in a 3 gallon pot and leave them in there they only have a small life cycle , they can’t waste time stressed from transplanting , don’t do stress training , don’t cut tops , just leave the plant if a plant stresses then it could take a week or so to get back on track and they effects the final yield! Plants will grow an average 2-3 feet with good yields

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