Using co2? Generator or tank?

Hi all,

well when enritching a room with CO2 there is a pretty simple solution.

Try this: instead of buying CO2 bottles you could just create it by yourself using:

Water,Yeast and Sugar. Yeast transforms sugar into alcohol and a byproduct is CO2.

So take a fermenting bottle, make a sugar/water solution, darken the bottle (UV kills yeast), put in the yeast (fresh yeast works best for me) and voila.

So next thing would be a tubing to bring the CO2 to the buds.

This is by far the cheapest solution, and if you like alcohol you have a perfect alcohol for destilling later.

Be well.

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Do you have a formula you use? Portions for each “ingredient”? A milk jug blacked out would work or is that too large/small of container? Does the container size restrict or promote CO2 production? Sorry bout all the questions. Cheap tricks are the best. Thanks @Illyssian!

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Hi @Kalgrae!

Personally I use:

A 5L fermenting Bottle used for wine. Fill this Bottle with 1Kg of white sugar and crumble 1 package of fresh yeast into it, i think its like 42g.

I think the milk jug would work, like everything would but you have to consider it is a anerobic fermentation so you need an airlock to put onto.

If you use my formula, fermentation should start working like 4-6hours later and should last at least 14days.
Of course it depends on the other factors as well like temp etc.

After that you have a very high grade alcohol wich is perfect for distilling.

Ah, before I forget, don’t fill the bottle - till top leave at least 1/4 free. You will know why :wink:

Hope I could help you with that, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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I do know why. haha. Not from experience though. Took the advice before the mess was made. Thanks for the info. I’m going to use it.

what do you do at night? just remove it from the room? or can you close the top?

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I always thought sugar was one of the most expensive ways. You get about 1/2 a pound of CO2 per pound of sugar.

I don’t know the prices that you get sugar and a tank of CO2 for but for me the sugar costs a load more, and is a mould risk, humidifier etc etc

Add to that the higher level of control possible with a tank and for me the tank wins hands down.

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@Viva_Mexico not at all, I just keep it going. Plants don’t uptake CO2 at night right, but i’ve seen no harm. What I do is giving additional fresh air at nights so I think this balances levels straight.

@MicroDoser Maybe sugar is more expansive than CO2, but you haven’t read closly. I use the alcohol for distilling, so I need it either way. If you don’t need alcohol, go on with your Bottles…

But also two things to consider: If you live in a state where pot is still illegal people will be curious what you bring into your flat… Also, these bottles are a lot heavier then bringing a few kilo sugar/yeast into your flat…

Pest control argument is also bullshit, you don’t have any pests when doin it right with an airlock…

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I did miss that you were brewing anyway. If that is the case then I would tap off the CO2 and use the resource you are getting for free :wink:

But for @MadScientist if you are considering which system to use for your plants and do not brew alcohol anyway, sugar->yeast->CO2 is a very expensive way to get the gas for your plants. A tank of gas works out much cheaper.

Although it seems all this is moot due to the unfortunate landlord situation. I feel for you MadScientist…


@Kalgrae hey bud, just noticed, 1 package of yeast is 42g not 15… quite a difference.
Would like to hear your experience if you tried it. Blessings

It’s on the list for this weekend. There’s a home brew shop close by. This will be an easy solution for my space. Thanks @Illyssian

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when i tried this i used a 2L bottle with a cup of sugar and maybe 2 tsp of yeast then add sugar 1ce a week or as required

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My inclination would be to get a compressor, tap off all the CO2 from brewing into a compression tank, then have a standard CO2 doser which can dose the CO2 when you need it, not just when it is being made by the yeast. Probably too much work though.

Does anyone use the Co2 enhancer 2L bottle ? I bought one a few weeks ago, used as the instructions said and worked great! After 2.5 weeks I decided to change it with a refill pack! This pack seemed to have only lasted a week and does not spew out like the original did! Curious if anyone else has found the same results or a tip on making it last longer, somone told me baking soda will increase production but I figured somone on here might have a better idea, I looked and only found topics talking about Co2 in general not this paticular product and use. Thanks all !

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Prepare for warp… 3… 2… 1… GO!

ah sorry I didnt think it would apply here as no one had mentioned it…


Nothing to be sorry about, thanks actually!


Looking into a tank now myself instead of the bottle… Do you HAVE to have a sealed room ? Mines mostly sealed but I’ve seen lots of videos that don’t seem sealed, I realize you loose Co2 doing this, but with fan speed controllers and trying to remove heat out of my room I run smell and heat exhaust through my light and outside. Co2 being heavyier and heat aswell my intake for the exhaust is at the very top of the room. Thanks all

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Im trying the co2 enhancer bottle now for the first time.
It didnt seem to change the co2 level at all he first night.
I cant turn exhaust off (filter through cool tubes then outside) i have temps hitting about 26-27C w lights on.

Gonna try hooking up tubing for dispersal and see how it goes. Might have to add another bottle we shall see.

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Fairly new to Co2 with only 4 or 5 runs to date.
Using a 20lb bottle for my 4x8x8 rigid foam flower “room”.

Been running what I believe are conservative ppms…
700-1000 thru week 7.
Ramp down to 400 for last week.

Never grown without it, so I don’t know how using Co2 compares to non-Co2 for the growing I’m doing.
Sealed or not, proper venting and fresh air exchange make a difference in growth and vigor.

One-time Co2 starter kit example.

$18 tank exchange at local hydro hut.
During summer months, I run it sealed with AC and go thru about 3 bottles.
Winter, I vent intake/exhaust for cooling and go thru about 6 bottles.

I read how not using Co2 during stretch, can reduce stretch.
Might try that next run.

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