When did overgrow rise from the dead?

As an ex-Mod of overgrow back in the day, i was left heart broken when RC was arrested and OG confiscated and shutdown. For years, every once in awhile i check back to see if there was a pulse, but was met by that familiar notice. I haven’t check overgrow in awhile, and 10 mins ago i check and low and behold, the site and community i once loved has awoke, but when and how did this happen?

I really don’t care for this forum (as in the software used), and hope the owners changes over to one more suitable and familiar like phpbb, vb etc…


Welcome to Overgrow.

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Welcome and i hope you can get used to the new software.

It’ll take some time to get use to. Just so use to others.


I loved the old Overgrow, I saw this and had to jump in. Glad somebody went for it. :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome @BigPunkin and @snoopdog!

I hope you can treat new forum with patience. There are many great features that mentioned platforms can’t offer (most important being strong mobile devices support). It feels like second nature, once you are used to it. This forum guide and tips can help you with the transition from old forum platforms. As members of OG1.0 please get your “oldschool badge” by replying in this topic.

There are two topics about past history and OG 2.0. Feel free to follow up on those topics…

Also I don’t believe that servers were physically confiscated. I think only domain names were administratively redirected to RCMP site. It wasn’t stated anywhere that servers in data centers were taken by the police or member’s data compromised. And the fact that no member of OG1.0 was ever prosecuted because of activity in the forum, supports it…

Anyway OG2.0 is full restart from the ground.


So there’s hope!!! Would love to see the old forums available someday.

Who has that server???

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The question is who has the database backup. I know only about three admins that had the access: ~shabang~, @nl420 and ~rc~'s admin. Hard to tell if they had any backups that survived till today. Probably only ~rc~'s administrator had the latest database just before OG demise. I suppose that after RCMP affair broke, they have tried to stay low-profile over the years and not complicate their case at court (possibly failing probation) by continuing the site or publishing forum data.

It would be up to them to decide to publish it… It would be great.


Realy happy you have this going, its nice to be in a forum when its just getting started.
If you ever want a moderator keep me in mind.


I was informed by a friendly member on IC, never really knew it was dead in the first place. XD But I do believe the setback is the setup for the comeback! >:)


How long does it take for me to receive this badge? Btw… i’m now digging this platform; at first i thought i was going to hate it.


@BigPunkin I see you’ve already got Olschool Badge awarded. You can now set accompanying user title in your profile settings.


Thanks for support!

Thanks for your offer!

OG2.0 will have 1st anniversary at the end of September. :wink:


Happy cake everyone! Cheers! To one year… Time flies by!

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After a few days i’m really digging the forum platform… And it also feels REALLY good to type overgrow into the address bar and to see this site instead of the RCMP Notice.


hey folks, I’m an old school member, but don’t remember my name or original email address. Are there any list of those?

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Welcome @gtrain. As far as i know there is no list. If you remember any people from then you could see if they are on the user list.

Hello @gtrain, welcome to OG!
I’m very sorry but we don’t have your old data (PMs, photos) so I can’t help you get your old login.
Currently we are starting from the scratch.
Please reply in this topic to get your oldschool member title/badge. There are currently more than 130 oldschool members.

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