White Widow & Bubba Kush

Figured I’d start a diary on here. This is my first grow in near 20 years so I’m pretty rusty.

Little bit of info on the grow…

  • Cropking feminized seeds in Fox Farms Ocean Forest mix.
  • I have them in a 4x4x6.5" tent. Just moved them into the tent last week.
    -They are under a 1000w HPS but vegged under a 1000w MH.
  • The light is in an 8" air cooled tube with an 8" fan pulling air through it & a carbon filter. I also have two 4" fans feeding and exhausting from the tent.
  • Temps in the tent are 26 C during the day and drops down to 17 C at night. Humidty sits around 40%

EDIT: forgot to mention I am using fox farms nutes…so far Grow Big and Open Sesame.

The two on the left with the larger fan leaves are the Bubba, the bushier ones on the right are the Widows. The pics were taken before I got the tent and are almost two weeks old now. They were 42ish days old in the pics. They are currently at 52 days and a week into flowering.

Will post some new ones in the tent tomorrow.


Noice! Welcome to wild world of weed.


Not to bad :joy: very happy and healthy


On the right track Arriba|nullxnull , willing to see them grow … popcorn


Looking good so far. Just like riding a bike ol buddy.


Thanks for stopping by!!

I snapped some pics this morning but they look like shit with the HPS coloring. I’ll take some better ones right before lights out tonight.

I don’t know about rusty, those are nice looking plants man.


Ok deleted the poor lighting pictures to make room for these ones… as you can see from a cpl side shots these girls are suuuuper bushy. I’ve been watching pruning videos lately and am real hesitant to chop them. I didn’t top them or anything during veg…just going for that 70s “all natural” look this time I guess :wink:

EDIT: should also add this is day 7 of flower. They all showing nice white hairs so far.

First up is the Widow #1

This is widow #2 shes a week behind her sister

This is one of the bubbas

And here’s a group shot in the tent


With your low humidity you don’t need to do so, perhaps to let the light reach lower buds, here you can find different opinions, they look great and bushy … :sunglasses:

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Hey, thanks George I’ll check it out

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Hey! Welcome to the site!

What breeders Bubba and WW are ya running?


I guess on the topic of humidity. The leaves do seem a bit dry(according to my gardener aunt lol). I was thinking of starting to give them a light foliage spray in between watering days.

They are from CropKing seeds, hopefully a decent source?

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That sounds as a good idea, better with lights off and check there is good air flow to prevent mold. Your humidity range for flowering stage is correct, it should be between 40 and 50% and even lower at the final stage to have more resin produced. They’re looking pretty good … :sunglasses:

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Ah ok I wouldn’t have known to do it at lights off. Thanks alot George!

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So we are at the end of week 2 of flowering. I know its only been a week since last update but wanted to post some pics of the nice buds setting up!!

The Widows are budding alot faster than the bubbas.
Feeding them at around 900ppm and upped the ph to just over 6.


Cpl of one of the bubbas…they budding slower than the widows.


Water droplets act like a Magnifying glass
On the leaves
Beautiful work


This is kind of rambling sorry. I think writing it down as I work through it could be beneficial though, help me keep things straight.

So I’ve been trying to find the PPM of fox farms ocean forest out of the bag and read various crazy amounts -from 1000 to 2000. Which sounds like more than the seedlings would have been able to handle. Gotta be something I’m missing there.

This came from thinking more about the nutes I’m adding and trying to figure out the sweet spot. As I said earlier, my last feeding was at 900ppm, which the girls seem to be loving. But seeing as I transplanted right before flowering, into more FF soil, and if FF soil is 1000 ppm right out of the bag, wouldn’t adding 900 ppm water to this mix make total ppm 1900? Which should be burning my plants, but so far so good. I’ve only ever PHd my run off not tested for PPM. Watering with straight water in cpl days, I’ll test then and see what comes back.

Seems pretty high for me, check the runoff. Could you take a picture of some plants in normal light? That would help … beer3|nullxnull

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Yes will do. They seem like they are doing real good right now.

I should add that when I said I’ve read 1000-2000ppm for the soil I meant from the internet. Not my own readings.

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