3rd annual Picture of the year sign up for seed/prize providers

It’s that time of year again, Giving Thanks is right around the corner and then the countdown to the OverGrow 2023 Picture of the Year Celebration/Contest begins… Grand opening December 1st 2023.

If you are interested in being a prize provider for the 2023 POTY please put in your post what you would like to give, cannabis seeds are the best gift for prize winners. 1 pack of seeds is the minimum and 10 packs of seeds is the maximum are the option to become a seed prize provider. My Example: 1-12 seed pack Sour Grape F2, 1-12 seed pack BOG Sour Grape X Kristi Kush, 1-12 seed pack Berry Terpnado (BOG Sour Grape X Coastal BlueBerry)

You can offer anything else to become a prize provider, my examples: 1-24X36 OverGrow the World poster with the winners picture in the Center. 1-2024 OverGrow (Sexy) Male Cannabis Calendar made by @Foreigner and 1-Tshirt size small to 5XL with 6 colors and 3 logos available to be chosen by the Winner of the T-shirt.

If you looking for a one of a kind Present this year… T-shirts will be made available for purchase $20 (manufacturer cost) plus $5 donation to support OverGrow. Shipping is Free to USA and Canada.

Spore patterns for non-trippy mushrooms were provided as prizes for the 7 years of OverGrow celebration, it is an option should you like to add spore patterns to the prize list.

What ever prize you add, you are responsible for sending the prize to the winner at your cost. If you require shipping only available within your country please let me know backstage so we can add the info to your prize listing in the opening of the contest.

Pictures will be voted on by everyone. Winners will be 1st-10th place, in the case of a tie info will be included in the December 1st opening of the contest.

All who post to be a prize provider will be invited to a private message, backstage we will put together a prize list to be posted at the opening of the contest.

The Schedule: December 01 2023 opens for OG’s to post their picture for entry into the contest, December 21st 2023 contest closes. December 22nd all entries will be moved to a voting thread in the numerical order they were posted, December 30th voting closes and Winners will be announced 12/31/2023 New Years Eve.

Work on the sticker for this event is in process, once it’s ready for production I will post it backstage for feedback.

The top ten pictures will be used to make a 2024 “OverGrow the World with Love” Calendar Poster 18x24. The calendar Poster will made available (January 5th) for purchase at the manufacturer cost (around $18) plus a $5 donation to support OverGrow operational cost.

Have a Fantastic Friday and an Excellent Weekend.


Woo hoo, that time again. You rock @Heliosphear , let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Oh, and of course I will donate to the prize pool. I will PM you tomorrow brother. Good to see you back around. :v:


OH YEAH @Heliosphear !

Ya know I’m down to provide goodies for prizes for your awesomeness in action!



I don’t have any seeds to offer, but I’ve been filling some envelopes with stickers from local places.

I think I have enough ready to get an envelope to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries. So I’d like to offer that if I can. :green_heart:

Some pretty cool stickers in these envelopes, if I may say so :wink:


That time of year again, aye? Awsome!
You can put me down for some Scarlet Grapes auto fems. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I plan on winning this so maybe I can win my own beans. Put me down for 5 cake family autos. But since I plan on winning they will go to 5th thru 10th.


Alright! Sounds great, I’ll make the list and send the Private message to get us together tomorrow.

I should have the sticker ready to look at in the coming week.
@DougDawson Thank you, It’s good to be back. Looking forward to seeing what you additions will be.
@Pigeonman Thank you for joining again, your seeds are definitely wanted by many a OG’s. Thanks for making what we all do here a pleasure.
@HomegrownVABudz Local Stickers??? Oh hell yeah! Your in! We love Stickers! Local Stickers are wayyyyy cool! Thank you for joining.
@blowdout2269 Thank you for joining, your scarlet grapes auto fems are awesome and were a major hit at the 7 year Anniversary. Thank you for being an awesome OG!
@Going2fast Excellent placement for your 5 cake family autos, Thank You for Joining.

I hope every one had a great weekend, have a lazy Sunday evening my friends.


Here comes Smokey Clause right down OverGrow Lane…

Missus Smokey Clause just informed me a used Viparspectra 1000 watt LED is being added to the prize list. Here is a picture of what the light looks like that @Bobgrows won this year at the 7 years of OverGrow anniversary


I will donate as well. I have a few things that would make great prizes


I got some packs I can give to the top 3


I love watching how this community comes together and really shares and spreads the love. Overgrow the world.


Insider secret from Backstage, this years celebration will include @Bobgrows great idea to add an ugly sweater contest.


Can’t wait. I will certainly do whatever I can to help, starting with a donation of beans.


Awesome seeing @Heliosphear back to his old antics of making peoples days. Sounds like this year will be the most fun yet. Pretty sure I can contribute to the fun. Probably going to need one of those T-shirts as well…or maybe more than one. :thinking:


GO @Heliosphear way to bring it on home!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::tophat::facepunch::+1::sunglasses::star_struck::wink::v:


@Heliosphear I’m in for donating beans again :muscle:t2: I can do 4x 10 packs (TBD)


sticker production is beginning, everyone who chooses to join the seed/prize providers for the 2023 OverGrow Picture of the year will automatically get the sticker chosen for the event.

Voting for which sticker becomes the one for the event takes place tomorrow backstage.

Have a great day. :sunglasses:


I’m in, I’ll see what’s in the vault tomorrow. :wink:

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Love the sticker designs bro!


The official sticker for the 2023 Picture of the year contest…

Glitter edge to represent X-mas lights and Santa growing indoor thru the long winter nights.

This Friday December 1st 2023 the contest begins, Thank you to the prize providers @DougDawson @Pigeonman @HomegrownVABudz @blowdout2269 @Going2fast @Bobgrows @Wizdom @THCeed @CanuckistanPete @ix3u @buckaroobonsai and a huge Thank You to @420noob for sending me stamps to get all the stickers mailed out.

Shout out to @SHSC-1 @JohnnyPotseed and anyone else who wants to be a prize provider for this community Celebration.

Back to work on the intro, Have a Great day!