A Better Way to Giveaway?

Despite the absolute blast I know a lot of people had during the Bar-be-Que giveaway yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of people be equally frustrated by quite a few problems, not limited to their internet issues, a lack of being able to choose strains you want to try to acquire due to demand, requiring people (who have a fairly high chance of being impaired granting our medical community) to have quick reactions, and so on. This lead to a lot of people just being disheartened, which I feel is the total opposite point of a giveaway. So I thought maybe we could try to figure out a solution.

I have one idea, which is to steal the way video games already solved this problem by implementing a ‘Roll’ feature you can put on posts with a time limit which will randomly select a winner. But I totally recognize that it’s not reasonable to just make demands of the forum dev team, and I have no clue what that would take to implement. So while it is a possible solution, it still might not be our solution, so I’m curious if there’s any other easier alternatives to dibsing?

Also, fully recognize everyone can give their seeds away however they so choose, this isn’t a debate about the right way to do giveaways, only that we have an option for people who can’t do that.


I get what you are saying bud. This is why when I give away seeds I mix it up. Dibs, trivia etc. The sheer scale of yesterday’s giveaway was so large it can be tough. You could technically list each package and have people sign up for each they want and than draw from each name but than you would lose the interaction which is half the fun. I think overall @sct2020 did an amazing job and the fun far outweighed any frustration. I was one of the folks that could not manage to do much but was really fun to watch.


By no means do I mean this as a criticism of any of the people doing the giveaways. If anything, this is only an issue due to the preponderance of generosity in the community. My only goal is try to bridge the gap between keeping giveaways as simple and easy as possible while making them as accessible as possible for everyone in the community.

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I think giving seeds is something inherent to this community, but lately it is becoming practically a motto and that frustration the OP talks about should never happen. I agree we must find alternatives, not so long ago seed runs were they way to get seeds, now it seems people is expecting free seeds raining every day.

Just have a look at the most viewed topics:

Seems it is the only interaction, other aspects are far away from people’s interest, and that makes little by little “veterans” loosing participation and visits to this sort of Disneyland.

We should be conscient of the kind of people we want to attire and the image of this forum, once you’ve got enough seeds you just look for help, knowledge, other experiences, designs and sharing your thoughts with your comrades. I’m afraid big numbers are good for sponsors, but drives to lose the family ambience, more visits and more views are not equivalent to a better forum …

I know this words doesn’t make me very popular, but had to say what I think as part of this community …


Are people actually complaining about the way someone decided to give away 1500 packs of seeds absolutely free of charge, with only 1 win per person allowed because their “reaction time isn’t fast enough”???

Just trying to clarify…


Not complaining at all with how @sct2020 did the giveaway in the slightest. Not by any means. I won a pack of seeds, I have no reason to be upset! Only asking if there’s any way we can improve upon how we do giveaways so everyone who wants to be involved isn’t being excluded simply by the process.


Not complaining, but personally I’ve no chance of being first with a dibs, it’s not reaction time, not all of us have access to high speed internet

And it was 1500 seeds not packs, still many many packs though


Hey bud, dont think anyone took your post as trying to criticize. There is absolutely nothing wrong with open discussion to get multiple opinions, I would think that should be encouraged.


I guess I’m one of few


No need to be an ass


Well I was just trying to get ahead of the curve and it apparently didn’t work. I just don’t want people to think I have an axe to grind or anything. lol.


Hardly being an ass… im also not acting like a child who didn’t get as much candy as their brother

Again being an ass insulting people

Very nice


Lol you called me an ass right off the bat… so I pointed out youre having a tantrum like a child…

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guys, guys chill out.all friends here.

@George1961 has a very valid point.


Ok guys, let’s not turn this into an argument. Hey I get the frustration being spoke of. This was an incredible event yesterday but with my internet on my phone had no chance to win anything. If not for another user dibbing for me I would not have gotten anything. Now that’s not a real issue IMO however looking at the way it is done to figure a way to be inclusive to those in my situation is not a bad thing. Most dibs came out in less than a second and many showed a different order on their phones due to lag. This is not necessarily an issue to complainan about, more a topic to discuss.


You make a valid point @George1961 , always like hearing the perspective of long time respected members such as yourself.


What tantrum? I simply said don’t be an ass (as you are)

You have good internet and dibs works for you, great. Not all of us do, forgive us for trying to find a different way the might include everyone

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I don’t know how you improve them but I definitely see what you’re saying and you have a point. The trivia mixes it up but really comes down to the same thing- who’s fastest with their device just with a google search involved now.

Off the top of my head maybe a “five minutes to tell me joke, funniest joke or two gets it” or something like that. Something that takes the speed out of it.

For a mass giveaway I like how @misterbee did his where you were able to choose what you wanted to dib on. No frenzy or people missing out for any reason other then not being on OG while there were spaces. Obviously that doesn’t work with a pack or two at a time though.


Go into the free seeds thread and say “hey can someone send me some seeds” and it will probably happen… on literally any day.