A thank you note

To all of us Ogiers…

Like an epiphany, I’m beginning to realize that we, the people who are usually on this site and interacting with one another, seem to have a kind of kindred type of soul, we’re right to the point, don’t take shit or slack from anyone, and when necessary, tell each other what one has to hear, even with clear words regarding what is not ok (as an example, me, Abbbian, being out of my league and bugging @Chronickyle’s thread and being told to hold my horses, and rightly so…), an honest and upfront message… as well as the nicest gestures of friendship, camaraderie and mutual support (take @Daytripr69’s example, going through a load of crap coming from insurance companies and having our support for doing the right thing), this familiar feeling that we are together, on the same boat, facing all the damages Covid 19 has been hitting us with… Long story short, I would like to thank every one of you for making me feel like I belong, and that I’m part of this group, and I can’t put a number or weight on how much I’ve learned here, I only know that I’ve been learning tons by the seconds! And every time I post something, there is always a friendly hand to come to my aid and help me get to the next step. Feeling emotional here, teary eyes, and deeply humbled for all the experience you guys and girls (@nefrella especially) have made possible for me to have. And I suspect one of the reasons why is that we grow plants, and that makes us somewhat better human beings, always learning from them, and as a result, we seem to be a bit more human and understanding in life… Gotta love OG!


Nice bud, really nice.


OG is a mindset, not just a place. I’m surprised how many names I’ve seen come and go in the last 4 months I’ve been here, but I don’t think I’m going anywhere. I agree that alot of the regulars all seem to have the same “share it” mentality.


Thank you for putting to words, how a lot of us feel. So, Thank You @Abbbian


Well written indeed! :heartpulse:


The plant completes us…



Great post-


Very nice! :smiley:


Aw shucks, you say the nicest things!!! Nice to be “H-O-M-E”, ugh? Do continue to stay safe, take special care and, indeed, be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray:


You’ll change your mind once you get to know me lol I’ve been told I’m the kindest hearted asshole you’ll ever meet by more than one person. Guess being direct and brutally honest makes you an asshole these days. I’ll help anyone and share anything I have other than my wife :joy: but I’ll also tell you if your a doucheknot as well. They’re are some good people here.


Great fuckin post, well worded and as others have mentioned you captured the spirit of OG. But in my opinion the love, and support that is showed around here isn’t just the OG spirit, that is the heart and soul of, indeed the “real” cannabis community. Those that have been truly touched by the plant tend to be gentler, kinder people who stick together and would give the shirt off of their back to help out another member. I have seen it across many platforms in this community of ours. A lot more love and togetherness overall than the majority of other communities these days. Where the OG spirit comes into play is sharing this amazing and miraculous plant, helping others find that strain that will provide some natural relief and better their life by some degree in an effort to make this plant available to all those who seek its relief, it’s knowledge; to receive what it so freely gives. Make no mistake, cannabis is a tool to help change the world for the better, a catalyst in a movement that has been a long time coming. Overgrow the Planet!!!


OG changed my life.



Appreciate you putting this in to words dude! It’s been a pretty dark year for me and being able to interact with all you lovely folks on such a real level has been really helping get me through.


great post, and yes, sometimes you have to check your ego at the door and learn something new.


Awww, you are such a sweetheart @Abbbian :heart::heart::heart:

OG is truly a group of caring, smart and encouraging folks. For realz.

I’m glad we all made it here, these relationships will be the stuff to get us all through the journey!


Nice and true words brother! Blessed be! :heart:


Well said. I was lured in with the fact that a lot of guys took original genetics seriously and were trying to keep them alive. I hung out and appreciated the conversations and knowledge while being astounded by the generosity, honestly caught me off guard a little and still does at times (tonight would be a good example!). That generosity breeds more of it as well because as excited as I am anytime someone offers some seeds I’m more excited to be able to contribute back at some point. Community is the word for real, not message board or forum, it’s a legit community and an awesome one.

And I’ve never had a bad time on here but holy shit was Reiko’s thread fun tonight :laughing: It felt kind of like that point at a BBQ with new people where you got familiar enough to just cut loose and crack each other up :beers:


That’s what community is all about. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I don’t know if it is the weed or the words but goddamn ya’ll I ain’t felt like this since I watched “The Big Lebowski”. I’ll keep coming back


It must be my title that’s subliminally triggering you