Air intake filters & different household fabrics that work best

I’ve just finished building my own Air intake fan with a filter. Which I actually use for the aggressive air intake (in front of a AC Infinity axial fan @110cfm) and at the bottom of my “Veg” tent air intake. I have 2 grow spaces. 54"x 33"x 82" flower room & 36"x 20"x 63" grow tent for veg. I take air in through the bottom of the VeG tent.(That’s where it starts, & runs through the 1st filter) I’m then pulling that air in through yet another filter (incase of ANY unfortunate events) into my flower room through a Corbin filter and out the house. I’m actually thinking of adding a small/medium sized deep freezer as a drying/curing chamber(which I already have right where I need it in the basement) and running it through the same exhaust system. I’m just not sure IF it’s a good idea or not! Any thoughts?
Here’s some more pics to see what I use and what the final product looks like. I also want to note for anyone in the future
If your wondering what kind of filter you can use; As long as it’s “MERV 8” or higher Your covered and nothing will hurt your ladies that come through that vent! I am wondering what household fabrics are the best to use. I heard “Nylon stockings” and “Cotton” But I’m not sure. Anyway, I hope this helps someone


I’ve been using zip tied fabric pots on the end of 6 inch ducting.

Seems to work ok.

Best picture I have at the moment…

I like the idea of using cut up ac filters tough.


Ya, and out of 1 air filter I get like 12 filters my size. So Bamm… @3months/filter; that’s 3yrs of solid air filters for $14.00(Only cuz they were on sale) but honestly you can’t go wrong!


Does that filter block pollen?

I also zip tie fabric pots to my intake, got the idea from someone on here.


I’m pretty sure it blocks pollen! It blocks viruses and I think viruses are smaller that a pollen sac. Sorry about this edit
But I just went and read the package and “YES” it blocks any and all pollen!


Nice! I may need to make this upgrade myself!

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Another use…
I needed a passive intake on my hybrid box. Installed a 20×30 Merv13. Same as my house. Lol

Flapper of thin foam setup to lift when fan is on to allow flow.


That’s all great stuff!! :+1:
You guys put this ‘old hippy stoner’ to shame!

I took an old cardboard box (2’ x 3’ x 1’) cut a 16" x 24" hole on one side and an 8" circular hole on the other. I glued a spare furnace filter (18" x 25" for me) over the large hole and a 3 ’ section of 8" flexi duct into the circular (I’d take a picture but the filter box is somewhat inaccessible ATM).