Air circulation of multiple times/tents

Does anyone know about air circulation & pressure along with aggressive/passive air intakes? I’m basically wondering how exactly is the best; most efficient way of connecting 3 separate tents/rooms together. Another thing to keep in mind; my last room “IS” my flower room. Im looking to run a deep freezer converted into a drying/curing box. I want to run exhaust from there to VEG tent, through there and in to and out of my flower room. I have 2, 110cfm small fans I plan on using for the ventilation system. However I’m having a issue trying to know HOW & WHERE to put vent fans. Whether to push at one spot or pull in another. Or do I simply NOT use the fans and try pulling it all thru with my Vivosun 4" 190cfm & filter? Should I cut another hole? I need some input from someone/anyone with alil know how. PLEASE let me know if you have any form of help! Thxs guys & gals. Ok so I’m gonna include some pictures with this post to help show/explain what I’m asking. So I have my grow (flower)room which is 34"x54"x82"

Now I have my “Veg” tent @ 20"x36"x63"right beside my flower room. Here’s problem #1- I have a air sealed flower room with a 110cfm air intake fan (don’t worry it’s on a speed controller and also it runs through filters so I’ve taken into account the minus 20% give or take) my exhaust system is a 4" Vivosun & filter @190cfm (also on controller). Now I want to tie in my VEG tent into the same exhaust line (ideally). Should I put the veg exhaust through the Filtrete air filter & the intake fan? Or should I cut a new hole just above my current hole where my intake fan is set-up? My goal is to have 3 separate grow spaces ideally vented through the same pipes! So I’m no artist but here is a little picture of what I have for dimensions mi


I wanted to make a similar curing chamber and hook it into the fan of one of my boxes… ultimately it was too much of a pain for my space. The main thing was I didn’t want air to exchange crazy fast in there like I would in a growroom, I think more of a ‘trickle’ would be ideal.

You could have a few small, distributed intake holes on the box, then like a small 1" line or something running to the vacuum of your main tent. That should be enough to keep air always just slipping through there and not really have a major effect on overall suction for the other rooms.

To go from veg to the bud tent I think you want to consider the hot air vs cold. You could have a passive intake on the veg tent at the bottom, then an outtake at the top going to the bud room. This air will be hot so ideally you want to dump it into the top of the room right up by where the scrubber/outtake should be. Then another passive intake low on the bud tent and everything should be moving.

Then it’s just a question of whether or not your fan is strong enough to keep up and remove the heat effectively. Figure out the total cubic feet of your boxes, the fan should ideally be able to move that once a minute or more.


Awesome @beacher see this is what I need. Alil brainstorming session to figure out the little kinks. You helped me huge tho cuz I was actually thinking of the Veg tent going in “LOW” to the flower room. When really (like you said) that air will be warmer so I should vent it into the flower room at a high height “ideally” close to my exhaust. Another one is the “slow” moving air in the dry/cure space. Or at least be able to completely adjust or control the air outtake (and just use small holes to allow for a “Passive” intake. Hmmmm… So much to figure out and get situated right to work properly & for a longtime. Wish me luck


Ya smoke a few and start drawing haha…good luck!


Curious about your ambient/intake/tent temperature and humidity needs/management.
Are you pulling fresh air from outside? Etc.

I use a wall banger AC and/or dehuey for my spaces. A challenge in spring/summer months because of my hot climate/garage!


Hey @GramTorino Actually I’m pulling air from my basement. However, I’m also pulling all my air thru a MERV 8 or higher Filtrete air filter. I cut it in to small 4 1/4" x 4 1/4 (usually 12pcs) and simply use those to filter any air going in. I also put my grow (flower) room on the south west corner instead of the north east corner.( Because of rise & set of the sun) and my humidity is sitting around the 35% mark with a glass pie plate filled with water! No humidifier. I pulled it out cuz the girls I got now for some reason didn’t like such a high humidity! Anyway. Hope this helps answer your questions.


Dummy me, forgot about you lucky guys with basements.

I think someone here on OG crafted this intake airbox. (Will try to find out who to credit them properly.)


See that’s smart. The only thing obviously for me is the size. It takes me like 5mins to cut the filter. Then I simply use a small strip of pink foundation foam & duct tape to seal a makeshift frame. I also designed it to be rather easy to always change filters. Same as the pic you showed me.

See here ththe filter goes in than attaches to my light blocker/stand for a airtight seal.
This is before I attach the final piece.and this is how it looks installed and operating.
Honestly, I’m not one to “toot my own horn” LOL, but it sure works great for me and that’s ALL I can really ask for!


Use a bigger passive intake than your active line. I use an 8" passive intake and 6" active ducting, connecting 2 tents. 2 carbon filters, almost zero odor unless it’s harvest week.

Whenever possible, have fans pulling towards the end of the line rather than pushing at the beginning. Always be pulling. I’d put the dry box at the beginning of the line since you want to filter the smell out. If you put it at the end shit is gonna reek.

I have an active fan pulling at the end of one tent and the end of another. 2 6" fans on lowest setting adequately ventilate 2 tents.

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