Alternatives to smoking/vaping?

Finally living in a legal state, :slight_smile:

I’m not looking to smoke/vape anymore as I gotta take care of my health. Candies are okay… but what else is left, tinctures? Any strains to look for that do not promote extreme hunger/tiredness, full sativas only?

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Check out my tincture thread for some ideas.


i think i’d prefer gel caps over calorie dense edibles etc, i think i may just start eating rosin chips, 250mg rosin gelcaps or something, squishing should decarb it hey? you could also use cannabis like dipping tobacco… apparently cob curing makes it taste great to chew… i think i’ll try shredding some cannabis like long cut tobacco and giving it a try :smiley:

sublingual, juice it, eat it, “it rubs the lotion on its skin”, suppositories :wink: funtime lubricant, the options are endless! it’s an amazing plant. i wonder if you could drop it in the eye like LSD