Beacher - some past grows and future

Hi everyone. I used to be a member of the old Overgrow back in the day. I learned a ton from that site and met some interesting folks!

I’ve been growing off and on for about 15 years or so now. The last few years I’ve just had a 400W hps that I run in the basement. I was yielding really well from it (up to 12oz a round), but we’ve moved and since then my yields have been not great. I’m not sure if it’s due to conditions in the new room, or if I’m just running bad yielding genetics. Either way its still more than enough for us…

I like to try alot of different genetics, and am excited to get some new stuff going…especially now that we’re legal in Canada! Here’s a few pics of some of my plants over the last few years, with some general commentary and strain reviews. Thanks for looking!


Here’s a round from a few years ago of Blueberry Cough from Jordan of the Islands seeds. A friend picked these up when he was in BC. It was a big yielder (about 3oz/plant under a 400W), and a nice easy plant to grow. I don’t remember having any issues with it as far as nutes/cloning etc. I think I topped these twice and didnt really do much else, the plant had a dominant cola kinda shape and wasn’t very branchy at all. Big chunky toppers…

Strong, kinda sleepy buzz. It has a taste and smell thats really floral with gasoline/diesel in there too. I personally didn’t love the high from this I found it made me paranoid. I actually still have a bit of this in a jar, it smells crazy after all these years.


These are Barney’s Farm LSD (fem). I just planted 4, vegged them for about 5-6 weeks and flipped them all. They were all pretty consistent.

This is a very pretty strain, and was very easy to grow, but the smoke was not particularly good at all. It had a sweet, ctrusy taste that was OK, but pretty weak and forgettable high. Also, the nugs were pretty big, but very fluffy and dried to weigh very little. I got about 2oz a plant from these.


They are some pretty looking girls :+1:
Oh and welcome to the new old OG


Welcome @beacher!

Nice grow.

Glad you have made your way back.



Thanks guys, its fun to be able to share my hobby again!

This round I did 2 feminized God Buds from BC Bud Depot and 2 fem Island Sweet Skunk from JAH Seeds. I’ve wanted to try ISS for years, and never saw it back when it was really popular. I read about JAH seeds on reddit. He apparently has an OG ISS that he’s backcrossed to itself or something. The seeds were really cheap and the genetics seem consistent, but I’ve only sprouted the 2 so far.

First pic is a God bud at week 5. This is the only pic I took of it for some reason…

This is an Island Sweet Skunk at week 5

And an ISS at wk 8

All these plants yielded poorly. I got about 1.25oz per plant. The room was far too cold (like 65F under the light), so I think that was a big part of it.

The god bud is really great weed. I had 2 phenos, one that was kinda perfumy and earthy, very strong high but relatively clearheaded. The second pheno was so ‘gasoliney’ that after taking a couple hits you’d have this acrid rubber taste in your mouth for like 5 minutes after. It was really impressive, but honestly a bit too much so I kept the first pheno.


I have some sweet skunk running myself although it’s the sweet seeds version. I’m thinking 2 different phenos as they look nothing alike.


This is the last round I did. 3 of the Island Sweet Skunk pheno I picked last time, and one bubblegum from an unknown breeder that a friend gave me. The 2 sweet skunks I started were very similar in shape and size. A bit lanky and branchy (as i expected). The one I kept had a better taste and smell but besides that they were pretty close. It’s a really nice daytime weed, clean headed and alert. It’s a bit weaker than I expected, but hey just smoke more…right? The taste and smell is all sweet, no skunky. Its fruity with maybe a hint of pine in there?

Bubblegum was a nice middle of the road hybrid. Yielded almost double ISS. Its a decent smoke, but pretty generic. Tastes like an old school mazar we used to have back in the day.

Here they are at week 6. The bubblegum is front left on it’s little ‘stool’ because it was so much shorter…

Here they are at week 7. The ISS really looks and behaves just like i expected it to:

And a pretty, very sativa looking Island Sweet Skunk nug at week 9:


Hi Ersgood, I think i was looking at your ISS grow earlier. Very nice! They do look alot different than mine, but I’ve only tried 2 phenos so who knows. There is so much lore around this strain that it’s hard to tell what’s the real deal or not. I always heard it was a freakishly big yielder, but mine definitely is not.

Have you finished any of yours yet?


No brother. I have around 4 - 5 weeks left. They are the sweet seeds f1 fast version. Lanky skinny stems on them but they are piling on weight as each day goes by. I only gave them 4 weeks or so veg so I’m not expecting massive yields from them. I’ll be happy with 2 - 3 Oz a plant :+1:


Nice. I got about 1.5 from these, but I’m sure with some more training and pruning I can get 2+ which is pretty good for my setup. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours turn out!

Here’s a third God Bud pheno thats outside and just refuses to finish. I started this seed on June 22, so its gotten pretty huge considering. I think it should be done in the next week or so. I have a clone of it in my garden that I’m going to bud out in a few weeks. Looks like a pretty chunky pheno, very skunky smell so far.


And…the future. These seeds are about 15 years old. I;ve never tried sprouting anything that old but from reading here I think I’ll be fine. This strain was so killer. We used to call it ‘acid weed’ because the high was so strong and psychedelic. I only have 2 seeds left so hopefully one will take and be female!


Haha I have a bag seed outdoors that wouldn’t start budding until I gave her a 72 hour dark period and an overdose of megabud (Npk 0-50-32) it’s been and 3 weeks since I forced her and today we got the first frost of the year (I’m uk) so I’ve had to sheet her over to give a little protection. I’m hoping she eventually finishes as she “seems” like he’s a pure indica by her leaf structure. Time will tell I suppose.
Edit - I forgot to mention she was planted late march.


Ya I’m in Canada so its pretty cold, but I have a sunporch kinda thing I can chuck it in at night. In all my years of growing I was pretty much all clones so starting from seeds is not my strong point. I’m convinced that even like 6 weeks of veg time isn’t enough for a seed to be totally mature. I noticed the second round of ISS was definitely much more vigorous, expressive, and yielded better.

So a seed planted in spring will tend to take its sweet ass time it seems lol


Yeah but 7 months is a bit much veg time :laughing: the summer weather we had was epic so I don’t understand why she wouldn’t flip on her own. You’d expect her to be a tree in that time but she’s only 1.5 meter tall and the same in circumference.


Genetics are a strange thing! Bagseed is always a fun gamble


An update. These 2 were mother plants for months, but now I’m going to SCROG and bud out the God Bud. I might put the ISS mother off to the side in a small pot and bud it out too.

Godbud on the left in it’s giant 6-7 gallon pot. Island Sweet Skunk mother on the right.

Here’s the Godbud that I’ve been training for SCROG. So far it looks good and the training is going well, I got alot of good tips from here. Snapped a branch yesterday and taped it up and luckily she’s bounced back.

This plant needs to fill my entire room (3’x3’), so I plan on vegging for another week or so and training like i have been, then I’ll put the screen it at the proper height. I think I’ll flip it as soon as the screen goes on then train it with the screen for the first couple weeks of bud. Does that sound about right? Any advice or suggestions would be great!


After doing some reading here I built a SCROG screen for these ladies. Nailed together some 1x2s…no regard for being square because my room isn’t anywhere close to square

I went with 3" holes. I used the saw to carve notches every 3in to help hold the wire in place

This stuff worked great, its metal wire but wrapped in soft rubber. I did a basket weave over under pattern which seemed to really make it alot sturdier.

I put the crossbar off centre because my ISS is much smaller and i want to keep it within that area. Should be fun trying to train it into a weird rectangle!

I put the screen like 1" over the girls and they’ve already hit it and tucking has begun. I feel stupid for having never done scrog before I can already see how its going to help with yield.

I’m thinking I’ll only veg these for a few more days. I know people say to try and fill 75% of the screen before flip, but these are super bushy (old mothers), and i know the godbud stretches quite a lot…any opinions?


I’ve been kidnapping ladybugs and chucking them in my room. Looks like they’re starting to take now I usually see a couple chilling under the light every day.

Also got a 400/600 digi ballast from a friend. It’s definitely noticeably brighter with my 400 MH conversion bulb, and the light is noticeably whiter (was much more blue before). Gonna chuck a 600w hps in there to flower these babes.


Think its time to take this outdoor Godbud down?

Welcome to Canada!

She usually stays in the porch when its cold, but i had to take her out for this pic. WTF is with a plant still going in Novemeber? I’ll be chopping her tonight