Best method for perpetual SOG

Hi guys, Im wondering what according to you is the best method for perpetual sog. My brain is overheating from this issue for a long time, I was been doing research on hpa for last year or two. But I still havent figured out how to keep my mother plants, which method would be best, if lpa, ebb n flow or dwc for continuous grow of clones. Im still little bit discouraged by the hpa for flowering, but if its the fastest way to get perpetual harvest every 2 or two weeks I would go that way. the place would be 4x4 2 stories, 1 veg station for mothers and clones and second for flowering only. Please help me out how to keep mothering plants. Im looking for fast probably low maintenance method ( I would do a work Im not lazy) I had problems with pest before, mites and root aphids. Im seeking the best way how to do it and I would be using led light fixture. I would appreciate advice :slight_smile: thank you

Most suitable technique for perpetual harvest is old school separate pots (with soil or coco). This way you can manage each plant individually. You can still use drip for irrigation to your advantage.

I can’t really see easy way to do perpetually bubbler/dwc, I think they are not much compatible. I’ve tried SOG with E&F and also don’t think this works well with perpetual, because it is prefereable to have whole E&F table covered (not as open space - because of algae). This fact makes removing / adding plants difficult.

It is easier to also to have mothers in pots imho because you can manipulate them and do cutting and maintenance easily.

I used to keep my mothers in large 50 liter pots of coco on a drip system. The mothers would get to be about 5ft tall and yeild over 75 clone each.

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What I don’t like is that they get incoveniently tall during months… There is lot of height needed in growroom.