Black, Bay Area, Bodhi, Beans, Been Booming Baby!

It’s a cut​:scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors::scissors:


Old Soul from seed

Garlic Goji

When lights go off tent gets as low as 60°. Getting some color. Tried to capture but phone camera ain’t the best.



I knew I had some floppy ladies with a future in Bamboo stakes but this Goji #3 looks like it flopped a month ago and flowered. Weird

And another pic of Goji #3 showing her pretty colors


Did you score a free light? I believe I read that right that’s AWESOME;

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Yes sir I did. It’s currently growing 2 Sour Bubble and 1 Diesel Tree in the 2x2. @420noob how are you set for genetics? Not clear. Do you have beans for next run? Are you seeking anything particular? OG



Oh yes I do thank you. I saw you got a refund on your light and it showed up that’s why I said free light awrsome or whatever it I’m running cripXmass for @originaldankmaster96 the super piney christmas bud. Project Evergreen commences - The intense pine stank and flavor of Krippy is on

Thank you though. I’ll want seeds but no I do not need any thanks for offering I truly appreciate it.


Day 46F

^^ Strawberrry Headband

^^ Mother’s Milk #31(pots too small :disappointed:)

^^Goji #1 (muy blanco)

^^ Garlic Goji

Very little fade happening, except the 5s. All is well. Plants have put up with me this long what’s another month? At some point I wanna run same cut in a Sip and a big pot. You know, she blinded me…More life in the big pot. Easy in the Sip.

Why am I watering less now? Nothing wilts. Some reason I have the idea to water less towards the end but it rains outside towards the end???
Every 5-6 days. @supershitfuck @CrunchBerries @minitiger @HeadyBearAdventures



They typically start taking up less water toward the end. Part of the senescence process… what’s the stated flower time on these?
For me, the pots stay heavier longer so I can gauge when their needs are decreasing.
A moisture meter would be the handiest thing for a big planter. They’re cheapish and easy to use.
That Strawberry Headband man!!! It makes me want to pop my pack! Just beautiful.
Frosting like ice on the Goji, and I like the bud structure on the garlic. Killer work!:bear::+1:


Looking fantastic!!:eyes::fire::fire::fire:
Yeah, what @HeadyBearAdventures said, they drink less at the end, sounds like your getting close my man :grin:

Can’t wait for some smoke reports, that garlic goji :yum::yum:


You realize I’m not following your log, right? I only chime in when you tag me (which, I have no idea why you tag me, but I’m flattered that you think I can offer you some sort of sage growing advice haha).

Anyway, are you growing in pots or no-till? If you’re growing in pots, pick them up and if they feel light, water them. You can tell if the pots are a little light, even if they’re seven-gallons (the difference between thirsty seven-gallons and un-thirsty ones is pretty apparent). Personally, I water every-other day (although I’m skipping it tonight, just because I’m feeling rooouuuuggghhhh haha, drank too much today), but in general, I try to water every-other day. And the plants’ll survive a skipped day of water, anyway; they always do.

When they’re getting close to being done, I water with a little less (maybe six or eight cups of water as opposed to the usual ten or twelve), but I still water every-other day. Again, it just depends on how heavy/light the pots feel.

Looking at those pics, those plants look like they’ve got another two or three weeks, at least, but you never know (that Goji looks frostyyyyyyy, btw; gawd, I love Bodhi haha). I’ve grown some where, like, on day 50 I’ll be like,”These look like they need another month…” and then the pistils start withering all of a sudden and they’re done ten days later.

Weed’s interesting like that.

If you’re growing no-till, though, I have no idea. I follow a lot of people’s no-till logs, just because no-till’s something that I’m curious about, and I’ve noticed that those growers have a difficult time deciding just how much they should water and how frequently a lot of the time, so I can’t help you there.


I find you can tell how wet they are if they leave a wet stain on the ground where theyre sittin. I also have a kitchen scale that does up to 20lb… useful for watering 5 and 7 gals as Ive got a general guideline on wet vs dry weights. 5s are 11lb dry, 12-13 wet. 7s like 19-20 wet, 16-17 dry, but Im not as precise with 7s, too heavy so I just give em 16oz or so of water every other day.


Yeah, but if you’ve got the pots in saucers… haha. No wet stains.

You sure about those weights on the seven-gallons? Maybe I’m just getting older, but my pots feel a helluva lot heavier than 20 pounds haha…


That sounds kinda sexual, just saying😂


Hah true. mine sit on some black foam to insulate from the cold floor, so its easy to spot.
Hmm my weights are 7gal fabric pots filled like maybe 1-2inch from top. Theyre heavy I prefer 5 gallon for lifting.


Lol dammit.

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Good looking grow, bumped some of your 9’s :wink:


i’m still trying to nail down watering but it seems like the dryer the better, and i kinda try to do heavy watering but spread 'em apart, not sure if thats good or what

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Is there a way to ban users from a thread I’ve created?

Thanks :pray::pray:

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You can use the ignore function. Not sure how it works but you can basically not see any posts from a member. Can anyone chime in on how that works?

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If you go into someone’s profile, you can select normal, muted, ignored.