Blue Velvet - Dutch Passion / Dj Short - Seed Run Co-Op By Chronickyle

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Hello everyone Chronickyle here for a seed run. I will be hosting a seed run for blue velvet sold by Dutch passion and originally bred by dj short during his blueberry projects.

I bought the last pack a seed bank had after Dutch passion discontinued this strain about 3-5 years ago fems was all I could get. I grew my pack and saved some clones to plant outdoors.

Upon my father trying it we realized quite quickly the great medical benefits this special strain contains. Upon smoking his muscles calmed and his bones started to release and crack, it is great for relaxing muscles, relieving tension headaches and managing pain levels among many other great medical affects that I havnt personally experienced yet with other strains I have grown which is quite a few and my father also grew for decades to no avail of ever finding anything like this.

Ive had 2 different mothers for a few years now named blue velvet 1 and blue velvet 3 and they have been put through many many stress tests and have never ever thrown a nanner no matter how bad they got treated.

Im excited to be able to reproduce this strain to share with you all. I’ve never seen seeds for sale since I bought my pack and never met anyone who has ever grown this strain. Which is a true shame. This needs to be tried by everyone. This is better than tylonal or advil for your pains and is also great enjoyable smoke that is very difficult to build tolerance too for some reason.

I have plans to work with this strain for a long time to come to make it the perfect medicine. I would love to cross the original sour diesal into this in time and also see what you all do with it as well.

Any questions please ask!

Edit - this strain to gain its medical benefits must not be harvested before day 60 there are some effects at 56 days but they are magnified greatly afterwards. But wait too long and it adds more sedative effects. This is something I’m still honing in. Blue velvet 3 has more medical affects at day 56 then blue velvet 1 does.

Feel free to hang out, chat only rule is to be nice!

Strain - Blue Velvet Dj Short / Dutch Passion

Donor - Chronickyle

Grower - Chronickyle

We have 2 plants that will be the main seed producers and we will get pollen from one or two of these clones when they get bigger.

If you have any questions on how this works, please visit here as we have done our best to address them in one spot instead of in every Preservation Co-Op journal

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If this is the strain for pain, especially for muscle aches and cramps then sign me up! Sounds wonderful.
Many Thanks to @Chronickyle !!!


Sounds like a good l melt into the couch strain! Awesome!


I’ve been following, watching and waiting. I can’t believe I was on the thread when you posted. :grin:
:seedling: :green_heart: :four_leaf_clover:
Edit: I thought I was level 3 but am only two. I moved me down.


Can’t wait to see how these turn out! Thanks for putting together this run for the community!


Muscle relaxing pain reliving?! Count me in! :pray:

Sounds like a killer strain too!

The parent genetics come from Purple Thai (a cross of Oaxaca Gold and a special Chocolate Thai) and a powerful Afghani Indica.


This sounds like a strain with great medicinal value. Thank you very much for preserving it, @Chronickyle! :seedling:


Thankyou very very much I have heard of this and always thought it was a unicorn strain anything that helps with my pain will be greatly appreciated thank you so many times over

Peace and stay safe


Candy colored clown!!!

Seriously though that sounds like a keeper. I’m flush with seeds for the next 50 years, but it’s very cool of you to share like this!


Awesome thing to do @Chronickyle! :smiley: :+1:


Would love to be in on this but I’m not at my computer atm so not too sure about the edit wiki… wouldn’t want to delete it… thanks for doing this run @Chronickyle


You can edit on your phone too just click the little pencil icon…and be careful lol


Was very careful…! Dunno if I’m in the right section tho… thanks @beacher


I think so, but I’m also an idiot lol


All good. I fixed the formatting before you entered.

If people manage to leave a blank between the dot and their name, the formatting will not crash.


An Afghan x Thai mix definitely sounds very interesting :yum:, worth to preserve them. Thanks for doing so and sharing them with us … beer3|nullxnull


Oh boy! Love me some sleepytime meds. I do like running Indicas. Thanks for the offer. Very cool of you!


One of the things I love about this strain is that it doesn’t just put you right to bed, it does have a bit of a tiring affect after a bit but not over whelming by any means and doesn’t lock you too the couch either. I normally will smoke this and then continue on my work day, it keeps my head quite clear as well so that I can still think clearly and process information.


It sounds amazing. Thanks for this.


Sounds like an impressive strain. As a long time sufferer of back issues I look forward to checking this out. Thanks Chronickyle.