About the Seed Runs Co-op ⚠ Read before you participate

Seed Runs Co-op is collective effort to preserve some rare cannabis strains and keep them available to our members. It is community-driven and non-commercial activity of breeders, seed producers, testers and all growers of Overgrow.

You need to be at least Member (trust level 2) to post in this category and participate in seed runs.

How Seed Runs Co-op work here on Overgrow?

The preservation runs will be accessible to level 2+ members - In each journal, we’ll have 2 numbered lists…1 for level 3 and 1 for level 2 members so in the event of a limited seed count level 3 members shall come 1st.

(Permissions and trust levels are explained here in detail)

Only 1 seed pack per strain per person. 150 numerical sign ups starting at the day of light flip…75 slots for level 3 members, 75 slots for level 2 members – 1st come 1st served depending upon your member status. If the breeders fall short of 750 seeds to fulfill the level 3 list the strain will be reran immediately with clones kept by the breeder. If a member didn’t get in on the 1st round, will have to wait until a repeat seed run is made or arrange a trade with someone

We will try to do a repeat strain seed run every other year ie Skunk 91 done in 2019 - repeat needed in 2021, 2023 etc

2 mail outs a year: breeders have strains sent to distributors by end of March and September for the 3rd week of April and October mailings starting fresh with the next box in 2020

MOTR can accept all seeds runs from breeders to package if needed from November to March and send to distributors for the April mailings… individual breeders will have to package and send out their strains to distributors from April to September for the October mailings

Each distributor receives a copy of the lists by end of March and September to know how much to collect from members in their area and give those members an opportunity to pass on a strain to go to a specific member, towards a periodic server fundraiser, member contribution award or contest

Each member makes a payment to their distributor by the 2nd week of April and September using the following breakdown:

All package prices are in USD and determined by your regional postage costs plus 2 dollars USD per seed strain to cover costs of packaging and mailing to distributors as needed with any excess balance over 155.00 going to OverGrow server costs.

Africa: MikeM; x for tracked and x for untracked + 2 per each strain
Aus: Johnnybsmokin; 13 for tracked and 5 for untracked + 2 per each strain
Canada: Shadey; 12 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
Latin America: MadScientist; 10 for tracked and 6 for untracked + 2 per each strain
UK: Gaz29; 9 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
EU: George1961 after Brexit; 9 for tracked and 3 for untracked + 2 per each strain
US: MomOnTheRun; 8 for tracked and 5 for untracked + 2 per each strain

The only exception is seed packs gifted to the community as most do not have a journal as well as, any private seed gifting/exchange, server fundraiser and contest seed packs submitted by end of March and September to save on additional postage

Each distributor will have audits done by Meesh in May and November – any funds over 155.00 is added to the server fund. This will go towards breeders packaging costs and shipping to distributors to use as needed …members are encouraged to donate these items so the 155.00 per distributor is a back up only as an extra assurance the community will receive these strains.

How do I know what Trust Level I am?

There are 2 ways to find this…

The 1st way is to click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner and click on the wheel

This will take you to your activity page. Click on Badges. This will show you every badge you have earned

The 2nd (and easier) way is to simply click on your name in any post to see your most current member status

Basic: Trust Level 1
Member: Trust Level 2
Regular Member: Trust Level 3

Go here for further explanation on trust levels and permissions

How do I get added to the strain list?

You sign yourself up by clicking the triple dot symbol in the 1st post of the strain you are interested in
then clicking the pencil symbol at the end of the post

Or at the top of the post by the topic name. Do NOT edit the title and category (red circle) but edit the wiki post (green circle).

An edit window should appear at the bottom of your screen that you can use to edit this post. Add your username where it goes in numerical order under the category it goes under, either Member (Trust Level 2) or Regular Member (Trust Level 3)

Donor sends seeds to breeder OR breeder has the seeds already for the project
Breeder grows the plants and documents it in the assigned thread
Those interested put their name on the list for the breeder and distributor to go off of (How many packs needed)
Receiver ensures their safe address is on file with their distributor through pm
Breeder harvests the seeds, dries them out and sends them to each distributor
Distributor reaches out to everyone in their area to arrange postage and delivery
Distributor sends out the seeds and gives receiver an estimated delivery date if they can
Receivers inform seeds received

Who is my distributor?

Africa: MikeM
Aus: Johnnybsmokin
Canada: Shadey
Latin America: MadScientist
UK/EU: Gaz29
US: MomOnTheRun

Click here for list of seed run topics


Thanks for your cooperation on this and the detailed info, this thread should be pinned … :sunglasses:

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aloha thanks haven’t seen this before i think was kind of disoriented, stuff was complicated at the moments i forgot about it and tried to ignore it but not anymore @MomOnTheRun will contact you soon as soon i figure out were all is and see all the runs and stuff , looks like i have some info to dig into lmao is a lot now that i notice


Hello ,my English is not the best , whan it come to read long text .
So i have to try read this for a few times .
Or could somone explain this easy .
Love and light .
I looking for seeds ,and seeds to trade .

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MOTR…What forms(s) of Payment do you accept? Thanks!!

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