Cannabis oil capsules

Don’t know if this is allowed but I need help making capsules I have a gram of 600mg oil and would like to make capsules with coconut oil but I don’t know how to do the math for each capsules so I can properly dose myself

Hey @KronicKuz

You will find a lot of helpful information in the Not Just Another Tincture thread!

There’s a lot to read but IIRC @Larry3215 posts about his capsules he makes in there.


Yeah, check out that thread for everything you need to know, but here is the short version.

Once you decide how much coconut oil to use (ask in the tincture thread after you post the specs on your oil), then all you do is heat up the coconut oil and dissolve/mix the MJ oil into the coconut oil.

Then you use an eye dropper to put how ever many drops you want into each capsule and your done.

Im not sur ehow to calculate the amount of coconut oil based on your oil concentration, but the folks in that thread will know.

I did my math based on gross weight of the bud.

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well the number 1 question is what dosage do you want your caps to be. if you want 100mg split your oil between 6 caps, for 50mg split it between 12 caps. how was your oil made? is it already decarboxylated/ready for ingestion?


I believe it is as it’s pheneix tears brand from my lp

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I can help you with that. RSO (Phoenix Tears) is usually about 60% which is in line with the 600mg. Knowing that can make the job easier. The hardest part about it is deciding how strong you want your capsules. Once you’ve decided that then it’s just a matter of using the correct amount of oil for the size of capsules you have and whether you want full capsules or just use drops.

Have you used RSO before, KronicKuz? Do you have a particular dose in mind? Let me know and I’ll give you all the details.


I watched a video on YouTube last night that uses 1 gram of rso and 7 gram of oil mixed together to make 39 capsules I’m trying to figure out how much each one of the capsules is using the 600mg 1 gram syringe I have here is the link to the video

all you do is divide 600 by the dosage you want and it will give you the amount of capsules you need to make. or divide 600 by the amount of capsules you want to make to get the dosage of each. do you know what size capsules this person used? 00 capsules have 0.9ml capacity.

personally i’d use 1:1 coconut oil/RSO or less - i know coco oil has a synergistic effect by increasing bioavailability or something but i’d guess 1:1 would prob be enough to maximize the potential and any more is just filler to dilute for lower dosages. i would be aiming for 100mg capsules myself.

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That’s one way to do it. If you use #3 caps like he does then your capsules are only 15mg each. Each capsule holds .30ml. If the RSO is 600mg then you would divide the # of capsules made into 600mg = 15.3mg per capsule. If your capsule size is different then you would do the same thing but instead of 39 you would use the number of capsules you got.

I like to make my caps a specific dose so I do my math a little differently. I use the capsule volume to determine my dosage. Let’s use the video as an example here, too, using #3 capsules. Let’s say that I want 50mg capsules when I’m finished. If I have 600mg of RSO then I’ll have 12 50mg caps. Now I need to know how much coconut oil to use to get that particular dosage in my capsules.

If #3 caps hold .30ml then you’ll want to use 3.6ml of coconut oil with that gram of RSO.
600mg ÷ 50mg dose/capsule = 12 capsules
.30ml per capsule x 12 capsules = 3.6ml total coconut oil.

Most people use “0” or “00” size capsules so the volume is going to be different for the same dosage. For instance, “00” caps hold about .96ml and “0” holds .62ml. You would use more coconut oil to get twelve 50mg capsules using the same calculations. Everything in the formula is interchangeable so you can calculate whatever dosage you want. Here’s a video I made about it. It uses shatter instead of RSO but the principle is the same.


is there a benefit to completely filling the capsule? i’m gonna b making some for the first time soon i was planning on just putting str8 extract w/ maybe a lil coconut oil in them

The only real benefit to filling the cap is for consistent dosing but the same thing can be done with drops. If you want 100mg each then you won’t be using a lot of coconut oil anyway. If you use the same # of drops in each capsule you’ll achieve the same results. The amount of coconut oil you used in addition would just be filler anyway although it does greatly improve the bioavailability.

Your RSO will be easier to work with while warm if directly making caps with it.

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yes i read in that leafly article i linked to make sure it’s cooled below 100F otherwise it will melt the capsules…

does adding soy lecithin or sunflower seed lecithin (<<< healthier) improve bioavailability even more than coco oil alone? thanks

also @KronicKuz the leafly article says decarboxylating for longer will cause greater conversion of THC -> CBN which provides a sedative effect in case you’re looking for that - i am :smiley:

@PSam, glad to see you lending your expertise here. You guys can bank on his techniques to be simple and well tested. :+1::seedling:

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By straight extract, do you mean after you get all the alcohol out? Alcohol will dissolve the capsules.

As far as using the straight extract/concentrate, its much harder to get consistent/uniform doses when trying to divide up very small qualities of highly concentrated stuff. Even a very small difference between the amounts makes for large differences in the dosage. Thats why diluting it with other things - like alcohol or coconut oil, etc, is better as far as that goes.


Some people do benefit from lecithin, especially those with digestive issues. I personally don’t use it but a lot of people do. It keeps the infused molecules from absorbing until it gets to the liver then it hits with a more concentrated Hydroxy-11 flush which it then helps absorb directly into the cells. Caps without lecithin have similar results but for some the lecithin can definitely help. Liquid lecithin is the easiest to work with.



To this

Then this

And finally 100mg canna caps [not intended for less experienced users]

Lots of folks here would love to help you get it figured out and to help your skills, good lucks bro…canna caps are one of the two daily meds I take :peace: