Collecting and storing pollen

How should I go about collecting and storing pollen? Looking for a good technique to easily collect it.

And how long is it good for? I was just reading a guide that said it was viable for about 5 days. That doesn’t seem right if stored under proper conditions.


There is an already established thread, go find it.

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@Cookie_La_Fortune here you go I need to learn this also

Storing Male pollen

I hope they help I need to read also

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make seeds and share them



I keep it simple - I shake it off the plant directly into a tiny Mason Jar with a silicon dessicant pack taped to the side. Collect once per jar and put it in the fridge. The dessicant will take care of keeping things dry. It lasts 6 months to years this way.

When you use the pollen let the jar warm up to room temp for a few minutes before opening to prevent condensation. I dab the pollen with a paintbrush to apply to female flowers. Each time you remove the jar from the fridge it reduces the potency a little bit, usually after warming up & opening the jar a few times the pollen goes dead.

these are good dessicant packs - (sorry to post a link to Amazon/Bezos) - food grade so hopefully no toxic chems: