Columbian Gold or Red Seeds Available?

Anyone have some Columbian Gold or Red seeds available? I have the other components to attempt a breeding program trying to recapture the original Skunk lol


I know there’s a preservation run planned on Colombian Gold and Panama Red.
Don’t know the time frame though.



I know Cristalin at Underground Seed Collective in France has a '72 CG.

I’d love to find some Red. I loved that stuff back in the early to mid 70’s. I liked it better than the Gold.


I’ve been eyeing that '72 Columbian Gold from USC, as well as the Amnesia IBL and Ouzbekistan. Looks amazing.


The Uzbek is nice. He’s got a nice Black Afghani, too. I grew those crossed to a Afghan CBD he is working on. They all had a neat grape soda flavor and beautiful colors.


Bodhi had some gold and red crosses a while back. I got the Aluna, Columbia red 88g13 hash plant cross

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yep, bodhi seeds has a couple columbian red strains. right now on jbcseeds he has a (columbian red x 88g13hp)

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Wow, that sounds enticing, especially since I just grew the g13/hp and have mad respect for it.

I wonder what that Bodhi cross is like. The red in the early 70’s could be sort of trippy at times.

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I don’t have many. But I’ll send the ones I have if you want them.

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Well, I could be down for that. I’m growing some other sativa this summer. I’d be glad to make seeds with them if we can get a male or two. I haven’t run into anyone who has grown it since the 70’s. I see it’s out there, I guess. I think that bud of old had some special curing process that gave it a deep flavor. It could be trippy as well.

I’ll pm you if I can stay awake… heh… thx

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I do have few Colombian gold seeds for @MotaMan like i said above. Should of tagged him.

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