Curious about Columbian Beans

So my buddy went to Columbia and brought me back some bag seeds from the smoke he scored down there. Is anyone out there familiar with what they smoke in Colombia?


bought a shit ton of it back in 1970’s so they say :slight_smile:

good luck please do a thread if you grow them out

would love to see them



Would be the same for me as @dequilo . Smoked it way back when. Would love to follow along if you grow them.


Oh yeah I’m gonna grow em out. Hopefully itll be good. I’ll make sure and post pics and info when I pop em. I’m waiting for a couple autos to finish then I’ll have room. I need a bigger house. I wanna just build a big metal house/grow and live with my plants.


I’ve heard the cannabis diversity in Columbia can be vast (like most places)…do you know if they are lowland or highland?


I’m pretty sure he went to Bogota. Not positive. I’ll hit my buddy up and find out where he went for sure.


Try and pin done the geographical locations these seeds might have come from… and how many seeds do you have in this bag? :thinking: :sunglasses:



Most Colombians are growing hybrids of their local varieties with more modern Dutch stuff. They call it “cripi”. Who knows what you got haha.

Colombia is truly equatorial, though, if it is the real-deal local landrace/farmed variety, like Punto Rojo, Llanera, etc., it very well may take half a year to finish flowering. Expect at least 18 weeks.


Word. All info is helpful. I’m curious as to what happens with these. Thanks for the heads up.

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Colombia has killer landrace weed, but if your bud got the beans from herb in a bag he got off of the streets, it could really be anything. More and more in countries where weed grows naturally people are introducing foreign genetics, and certain areas also still bring in brick weed from outside sources. Paraguay produces a lot of illegal cannabis for outside countries in South America for example. There have also been many reports of Peru having dynamite landraces, but the stuff sold on the street has been reported as being total garbage, so you really aren’t going to know what kind of stuff you have until you grow it… that is unless he sourced it from the land directly, or through specific peoples in a specific region who take growing seriously.


The street stuff can absolutely suck but sometimes it’s better than pesticide ridden outdoors… I think most of the people selling don’t care in the slightest about the quality however if I had to buy some brick I would get Columbian. The main issue that I had trying to grow some brick bagseed was mainly finding seeds that would actually germinate like 1/10 might pop.

If you smoked something good, it was actually green and actually looked like bud you’ve probably got “crippy” like vernal said or you got lucky.


Okay guys. I talked to my buddy and he says its crispy. Just some shit his girl gets from her cousin. Nothing special just bag seed. But I did inform him that I was in the market for some landrace seeds if his girl can find some. So Punta Rojo see yo UK soon.


My sons girlfriend lives in Medellin, she is from there. He is suppose to go over there in September if they open travel back up. I will see if he can get some better seeds too. They both know some “people” over there. :grinning:


Sounds like my buddy. He met his lady on Facebook and had been down a few times already to visit.

My son met his staying at Escobar’s old penthouse for a bachelor party. :roll_eyes:


Hell yeah man, if you find the primo stuff, please share! (through posts and information I mean… but if you ever were to make f2s or anything like that, those would be great to share also! :wink:)


Of course. that’s what I signed up for. I hope I can make it happen. All in good time I suppose. I’m go navy grow out what I have and hope for something magical. lol


Have to see about the travel ban first, if it gets lifted, then he says he can get some good seeds. It is all about sharing on OG.


Man, been searching all over for some columbian gold to back cross into my Monkey Paw. For sure tag me if you have any left any fore trade brother…:metal::sunglasses:


Ah so you got the monkey paw back. Good to hear.