DIY Light Reflectors

DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOUR A NOOB…leave this stuff to the professionals. I got totally sick of these hoods…POS always spinning around…throwing light everywhere so i went pandemic on them and spent the day fixing them. I’m impressed…fk id pay 50 bucks a hood for these. They are that good! Im a legend now. I’ll be designing hoods…when I’m not getting baked and fighting with my ex not to mention my plants. Pics over plants are coming i needed a smoke break and some praise!:slight_smile:

I put that little piece on because it was throwing the light into the walls doing fk all there…so the little piece in the front!

They can be “stressed” a little in the front…spread out a little. I’m excited to get them over the plants and see how they preform. All the stuff i had laying around. I want little chains also…so i can raise or lower them! Im fkn impressed. Kinda handy I am…Tappy told me to cut them i think this is way better…OH I plan to vent down the sewer pipe…right out to the street! I know…shitty!

I could careless…Im impressed. I got some “half decent” lights to go with the genetics! I’m so impressed i started making 2 more…yup i know! I got a couple extra lights I’ll make reflectors to go with them also…hey guys imagine this…its radical but how about NEW BULBS! Fuck hey…growing big time then! hehe

Guess what you guys are getting for Christmas?? Not my fkn reflectors…geez you guys!


Big push to get this one finished : )


Light that bitch up…I got 3 now! Waiting on chains now…stoked! How’s this for thinking…for the 6 hours the lights are off in veg then will be on over in flower for that extra 6 hours a day! I know…fkn smart hey plus i got the lights and an extra timer and extra light in flower…win/win and no one is the wiser! Plus i look fkn cool for 6 hours a day when that extra light is on!

That little bat-wing over a little sea of green…2 gram buds for as far as the eye can see…till you stand-up! Love it…

Im getting faster at making these reflectors now…I’m out of supplies! The hardware store here is a real joy going in…doubles as the liquire store so drunks are lining up when im in there 1 person max.

Use these budget lights up i say…so glad i figured out the reflector situation and got that damping off under control…talk about heart breaking watching them falling over…fuck sakes! Its all behind us now…bat-wings are in the house!!! Reveg is going well…bio nutes and not a yellow leaf to be found! So dont fkn look…I feel empowered today. Imagine if i went hydro…HOLY fk you guys would never get rid of me! haha

Total cost today was…$$$$$ NOTHING!


My first built HPS light years and years ago was using a 150w hps from home depot with an aluminum mail box (modified) as the reflector. Don’t have any pics it was well over a decade ago.

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Nice looking shade, but you might want to consider using something like this where the wire goes in

They’re super cheap and will make it stay in place there nice and sturdy.

How many of those lights do you have? Are you gonna rock them all?

The one light only for 6 hours a day…Its nice you brought that up about that little thing there…i looked at that quite close. Could be a rookie mistake another thing is a good GROUND on the fixture. There is no chafing so good to go. Plus this is totally getto on a budget…like NO MONEY! Bon Jovi grow…“on a wing and a prayer”…bro we got cord ends now and shits up off the floor. HUGE improvements…fkn plants haven’t died although it was close there for awhile!

Oh i wanna add for the record…these will work on everything from 150 right up to 1000 watters…HPS also you could stuff a LED in there if your feeling frisky!


Nothing quite like the feeling of carrying off a successful hack!!

Good on ya, ENJOY!



Thanks…it does feel good…you know how it is!

Now i gotta find a swing set around here for the chains…i found some black/white poly today…I’m worried about bugs…NVM!