Drop and recovery time and affects

Temperature and humidity fluctuations. How big of a range/how fast of a recovery do you run. I’m trying to maintain ideal VPD and toying with fan speed and humidifier settings and just looking for general information and or opinions on how the swing in humidity affects growth when the fan kicks on to cool the room, while staying within the green zone of my VPD chart


Flower room I try to run 3 degree Fahrenheit leaf temp below room temp with lights on running c02 so room temp low to mid 80’s .

Sealed room

Lights out depending on season 20 degree drop isn’t uncommon don’t know what the leaf temp would be never checked. Humidity 60% max 45/55% average day and night doesn’t change a lot.

Veg room never checked vpd in it. Warmer the better humid they enjoy if I can get it there.