Favorite autocloner

Thinking about buying one of them aero type cloners. Ive always used the old dome and tray method with either rockwool or root riot cubes. Just Looking for something with a near perfect success rate without having to do much. Since I have stuff going now at two different buddies places as well as my own, once I move some of the plants over in a couple of weeks I will really have my hands full and figured having one of them clone machines would take some work out of things. I know they are easy to build from stuff that can be bought from hd. But again I am looking for maximum reliability, which Im not so sure I would get with something I have to make. I appreciate any suggestions on what has worked well for you.


Check out this thread: Turboklone Reviews. There are a couple of different DIY setup in there. One of them’s mine. :slight_smile:


Thank you friend !


You can make one for pretty cheap. Not a whole lot to it. I have a list in another thread. I will post it here if you are interested


I use the turboklone t24 with grest success. But, I also have near 100 percent success with rooting cubes in a tray. Its all about the water solution you are using to clone with, the health of your mother and your cleanliness when taking cuts.