Turboklone Reviews

Was curious if anyone has used a Turboklone
24T I just ordered one and was curious to hear some feedback. If not then I will post up a review with pics.


I never tried a Turboklone, but I tried a Clone King. After a couple of hundred dead clones, I gave it to my Horticulture professor, and I didn’t mess with it again until recently. I saw a really cheap pump on sale at Lowe’s, so I bought it, and a tub. I ordered sprayer nozzles, a fountain kit, some inserts, and net pots, and I built the manifold out of 1/2in PVC.

That’s all great, but I found this site called Permaclone, and I think that’s what’s changed the game for me. They sell cloners, and accessories, but they have several articles about the methods and materials they use in the actual cloning process, and those should be applicable to any bubble cloner including the Turboklone.

They use a combination of a sanitizer, hormone, and a mineral component. They give you different options for each component. I use 35% H2O2, KLN, and Flora-Micro/Bloom. I also use Pro-Tekt, even though it’s not on their list. I hit the res with 3ml per gallon of “Pool Shock Clear-Res” once a week to keep things clean. Using their process, I’m hitting 90% on rooted clones.

Just as an experiment, I built a little cloner out of a 5 gal cat litter pail. It’ll hold 12 cuttings, it’s easy to move around, and I got 100% when I test ran it. :slight_smile:


I’d love to see your design! I’ve wanted to build a small portable cloner - but have zero idea or experience with them.

If you can share that would be great!


Yes some pictures would be great @Guitarzan!

Is it like a fogponics set up for the clones?


My simple bubble cloner. Only thing you can’t see is the airstones in the bottom.

All the best


Thanx brother that was a nice post!

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Sorry for not following up on this. For some reason my notifications didn’t work on this thread.

I have pictures of my Kitty Litter Cloner. I’ll post some pictures of the bigger one too. I’m not real good about documenting things. So, I can’t remember where I got the pump, but it’s a small one. I got the net pots, the sprayer nozzles, the inserts, and a Fountain Kit, all at Amazon. I got the fountain kit because it has several types of connectors for various sizes of PVC/tubing.

This is one of all the pieces, the pail, the pump, (it’s sitting on a piece of Plexiglas I cut to fit the bottom of the pail so the suction cups would have something to attach to), with the 1/2" PVC connector, manifold with the sprayers, the lid, inserts, and net pots. I cut the net part off of the net pots.

This one is of the manifold connected to the pump.

The pump connection is a double threaded connector with a threaded 1/2" slip fitting that the stand pipe fits into.

The manifold is 1/2" thick wall PVC. This is important because the sprayer threads won’t bite into the thin wall pipe. The sprayers require a 5/32" hole. I have a tap & dye kit, and I used a 5X0.9 tap for the holes.

Here’s the lid,

And with everything in.

I have an airstone, and an aquarium pump too.

I love it man, I kinda screwed up the alignment on my lid holes, and my OCD won’t allow that to continue, but we have another pail that’s almost empty so that’s fixable.

I really think the info from Permaclone on how to “season” the water, is what’s made it work. I have some tweaks to do, my roots aren’t long, and flowing, they’re short, and spiky, I ran across something that made me think I’m using too much KLN, so next time, I’m gonna use 2.5ml per gallon, as opposed to 5ml.

The “Pool Shock Clear-Rez” is just HTH pool shock from Walmart. Get the non PH buffered type, and mix 1 gram of pool shock to 1 gallon of water. This will make almost an exact replacement for a bottle of Clear-Res. Once it’s mixed up, use 3ml per gallon, every 3 days direct into your cloner. I know I said once a week in the OP, but I’m going with every 3 days next time.

I found a more detailed document on Permaclone’s process here. I’ll get some more pictures, and a list of tools and things I used. I’m really excited to have got this working. As long as you clean your cloner good between uses, and hit it with that Clear-Res, you have an excellent chance for success.

Water temps are tricky too. Water holds the most dissolved oxygen at 68 degrees. Running a cloner at 68 degrees, it will take a month to get roots. 75-80 is what I shoot for, you can get as high as 85, but you’re on the line at that point.

I just saw a post from a guy who runs a heating pad under his cloners to keep his temp at 80 degrees, until he starts to see hairs, then he shuts off the heat, which lowers the temps, and increases the dissolved O2 in the water.

All of this is based on nothing but my personal study, and experience, so Caveat Emptor. I’ll post some pictures of the larger one later. Thanks for the interest, and the kind words. :slight_smile:


Cool brother that sounds like a plan.

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Im using a turboklone t24 with great results. It holds about 2 gallons of water. I add a half cup of h202 and 8 teaspoons of clonex rooting solution. Not the rooting gel.


I just got one too with the humidity dome.
I have a nice recipe using it here’s the results of my buddy




Can I ask your recipe?

I built a little 3 gallon bucket system with a Dewey mister and it’s on its first run.

I just got some of this to use with the water. I tried aero once before and it didn’t work very well; however it started working better once I got irritated and started pouring bleach in it. Honestly, I think all of my problems with it are water-related. I’m hoping this pool shock changes it for me.

Been putting in 1g/gal once a week. No roots yet, but hopefully soon.


Well, let’s have a look at it then. :slight_smile:

Man, everything I’ve read says the number 1 cause of failure with bubble cloners is not keeping your cloner clean. You take 1 gram of pool shock per gallon of water, then you put 1 tsp of that mixture in a gallon of water, and voilà, Clear-Res.

After I’m done with a run, I clean everything, dump everything into the tub, collars, inserts, bubble stones, and hoses. Then I use however many gallons of the full 1 gram/gal strength mix I need, and run it through my cloner for a day, then let it dry, and put it up. When I pull it back out, I run water through it overnight. Then I fill it with fresh water, and juice it up according to that Permaclone article.

Man if you haven’t, check out that Permaclone article. I really think their cloning water recipe is what’s turned the trick for me, that and adding that DIY Clear-Res.

Good luck with it man! I can’t wait to see some roots!!

i have the Turboklon 96 and i love it! i have about 90% success when i dont mess with it lol. i use clonex gel on the clones and megacrop mixed per directions in the rez. i tear it down and deep clean after a couple runs. i have found that if you leave the clones in too long like i do, they grow roots into the nozzles. you need to make sure they get cleaned out really good, or the spray gets funky. you end up with spots that don’t get enough water.


That’s the kind of roots I get. Almost looks like a brush.

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