First time growing

Hello to my new friends in the OG community! I excited to be growing cannabis for the forts time. I live in the Bay Area. We have great weather here, so I am planning on growing my seeds outdoors in the California sunshine. I just received my blue dream Autoflower seeds from ILGM. I’ve ten gallon fabric pots, and I’m leaning towards fox farm ocean forest or happy frog soil for my grow medium. I’ll be growing them in my backyard, I don’t need to worry too much about stealth.

I’m a little unsure about which nutrients are going to be the most beneficial for my plants. I’ve been doing a lot of research on soils and nutrients and techniques and sometimes it can be overwhelming sometimes, but I am soaking it up like a sponge.

I hope anybody with more experience than me reading this will be willing to drop some knowledge on me. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Maybe it’s just me, but when I tried ‘Ocean Forest’ it burned my plants. Have used ‘Happy Frog’ for mondo years and always been happy. The plants will probably not need much feeding in Happy Frog but it might help to loosed it up for improved drainage. Like adding coir (preferred) or perlite in the 25% range. Autos want root space more than anything aside from light, water and good zen (smile).


Hey man, I grow indoors and in coco so won’t try to give you advice as there are many outdoor soil growers here that can help guide you. I will say welcome to OG.


Thanks for the heads up about the ocean forest soil being hot. Sounds like happy frog with some perlite may be final decision. Thanks again!


Welcome to Overgrow @GlutenFreeTrees ! You have come to the right place. Much knowledge, generosity, and Community spirit here!!! For a first grow, think either of those soils would work just fine, cut with some perlite. I use FF Ocean Forest and have no complaints. I think 3parts FFOF to 1 part perlite. Ocean Forest seems to run a little hotter (nutrient wise) than Happy Frog, sometimes my young plants show a slight shock when I move them from seedling mix to my FFOF. Both are quality soils and I would say Happy Frog a little easier to work with.

My general advice for a first time grower is don’t overthink it and don’t overwater. 10 gal pots may be a little bigger than you need for an auto, but if what you have run with it. With 3 + gallons of these soils per plant or more probably not gonna need to add any amendments first grow in it. You will want to know the Ph of your water source. There is a great primer on Low Stress Training autos for greater production here

Just search for it…haven’t figured out how to link yet LOL


Awesome! Thanks for the helpful information and tips. I have a couple of 5 gallon pots laying around, maybe I will try growing in those first


I just finished my first grow it was an auto in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I used FFOF and should have added some perlite. When I pulled my root ball out of the pot it was almost all in the top half of the pot. The bottom part of the pot only had tiny hair sized roots. I’m almost sure the lack of roots stunted my plant.

I had a heck of a time keeping up with her hunger for phosphorus during flower towards the middle I was feeding seabird guano teas every 3 day watering. Not complaining I made it through my first grow with smokable product and I learned a lot.

This was her right before the 2 days of darkness before chopping. She had been flushed for 10 days at this point and was running outta gas!


That looks so good, buds on a stick.
Well done.


I too stay away from fox farm. I have used happy fog without issues. Currently running mothers earth. Like @OldSSSCGuy said add some perlite! Good to go


Welcome to OG enjoy yourself here plenty of info and really nice people but with this being your first grow in would get a spray bottle of LITFA this will definitely help in your 1st grow and many more grows in the future

Peace and stay safe


And may I suggest Nectar of the Gods fertilizer seems to work for me


I have not heard of nectar of the gods, It looks like there are many options. Do you have a preference on which bottles you like to use?

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Best wishes and good luck on your grow

Ocean forest is a hot soil ! being said you can place it at the bottom of you growing depth and layer the happy frog on top
Using the OF as a super soil kinda of sorts ,the roots will grow into it using the happy frog as a base for the younger plants

So it increases in strength ( hotter soil more fertilizer in it ) as the plant grows into it



says its your first post so Welcome to OG! @GlutenFreeTrees .

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they are a combination that you mix up

i think they have or may still have a sample of their products that is free except you pay the shipping they send yu six quarts and directions how to mix and applypeace out and stay safe

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Wow! I’ll see about that sample, thanks for letting me know.

Does anybody have experience using peat pellets? Are they helpful? How do you all germinate your seeds? I think I hear the paper towel method most often. Any tips or tricks?

Do NOT use peat pellets if you have any other option.

I pulled my root ball from my first grow and my main root ball was all in the top half of the dirt. Nothing but tiny little hair roots in the whole bottom half of the pot. The peat pellet had one huge root coming out of the bottom and it split in two right away. IDK if that’s what stunted my roots, but I feel like that had at least a little bit to do with it.

I think the best way is soak the seed in a small cup of water for a day, then put it in a wet paper towel until you first see a root come out of the seed. Then put it about a deep as a pencil eraser just under the surface of the soil.

It would be easier to control watering if you started in a small container (many people use solo cups) then transplant into final pot at around the development of the second set of main leaves. (10 days/2 weeks)

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Very good to know, thanks so much for the help! I’ve read that Autoflowers don’t like to be transplanted much. Would the solo cup be an ok option to start? Or would it be ok to plant the germinated seed directly into the final pot? What do you think?

I have better results with soil for seeds then peat pellets by my experience

I start by soaking seeds in a shot glass for 24 hours then in a wet paper towels in a plastic baggie placed on the tv cable box for a bit of heat
Usually you’re good to go in a few days