Green Dragon Tincture

Since I have medical issues that prevent me from safely smoking, I’ve been getting my THC orally for years now, with a rather common concoction called Green Dragon. While there are any number of ways to make stuff, I thought I’d share my approach.

Green Dragon is basically activated trichomes dissolved in alcohol and then consumed by drinking. I mix mine with a small glass of juice to minimize the nasty taste combination of Everclear and residual chlorophyll.

What I do is take an ounce of good bud and grind it up really fine in a blender. Then I heat it up to activate the drug. I do it in a frying pan and simply heat and stir until it stinks up the kitchen. You can do it in a regular oven or a microwave, if you prefer. Again, when it starts to stink up the kitchen, you’re done.

Then, put the cooked mixture into a one-quart, wide-mouth mason jar and fill the jar with 190-proof Everclear (pure grain alcohol). The 190-proof version isn’t available in every state, but it’s what you want to use if you can get it.

With the lid on, I shake it a couple of times and let it sit overnight. This dissolves most of the trichomes and hopefully not much of the chlorophyll. It’s ready to drink after 24 hours. The longer it sits, the more chlorophyll is dissolved, and the greener the mixture becomes. Some like that; I don’t. Strain the mix through a paper coffee filter, and you get about a fifth of GD, ready for consumption.

It takes about 45 minutes to hit you, and it creeps like crazy. But it’s a nice, long-lasting high that I consider more of a body effect than a mind thing, but it will get you profoundly high if you drink enough. Start out with a tablespoon in a small glass of juice and take it from there. Also, probably because of the alcohol and the basic nature of cannabis, cotton-mouth is an issue.

There are other recipes on the Internet, so you might want to check around and use the one that best suits your needs and situation. For a hard-core stoner and med user like me, a fifth of GD (one ounce of weed made with one quart of Everclear) lasts about two to three weeks. Your mileage may vary.

I’m on chemotherapy every two weeks, and it takes care of the nausea like nothing else. Regardless of what you use it for, it’s a good way to enjoy cannabis, IMO. It’s also a good way to use bud that may have become moldy or, for whatever reason, is not suitable for smoking.


I tried some tinctures but they didn’t work well maybe i was already high from taking dabs.

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Great recipe pretty much how I do it, also I liked making an absinthe from this as the anise flavor, as well as the other herbs, compliment the herby and chlorophyll flavors.of the MJ, AB kits can be found online or even AB can be purchased already made on the web, but I like to make it from the kits as its hard to find all the herbs needed.

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Well guys, this is interesting. Can we add more info here. I wanna make some!

I saw some recipe that lets it sit for a month, until it turns dark purplish or so… Shaking everyday, and no heat.

Can anybody tell me if this would work with rosin? It might even be better, cos’ of the lack of Chlorophyll.


Check out my thread for recipes, directions, and other science related to Green Dragon.


The alcohol should dissolve most of the oils fairly quickly. A few hours should get it all. In the freezer works best.

See @ReikoX’s thread. He explains it well.