Group buy Bog seeds 1/2 off

Thank you and I will .


Peace @Hugh_Glass Do U have a list of the strains that will be available?? ( supposing the TK s1 is out ?? ). I am not against CSI nor any other breeders (I just dont agree with the marketing scheme most all follow. Not anything against them.) I was taught from a youth about this plant and the respect for it. I know that ppl dont see it like I do but to me the weed is a weed… AND BE FREE!!! That being said, I will look @ what he has to offer and make a decision then. INDEED I have spent Gs on beans, some cheap some not. All in all I want US to get a great deal. What we do today can and probably will influence the future, in whatever small way ( cuz most of US probably will pres run anyway ) Be well…:pray:t6:



Everything on his site will be available . With the quantities listed on the web page.


How many pack does the group have to get to qualify for the 40% on CSI ?

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1500$ You may think thats a bit but in one weekend we pulled together 1300$ almost. I have no doubt its very possible, very easily done.
In other news every ones beans came today. I will contact you tonight for addresses when I get to work or feel free to pm me yours if you see this.


To anyone reading through this thread and seeing / wanting in on the offer for @Tonygreen’s GG4 RIL group buy, the thread is now open here:


Any slots left and Canada Shipping?


The GG run is just starting, no sign up that I see for editing. It’ll be in a few months since he’s dedicating a grow out of seeds just for us!


Sign up started on its own thread!

Im not sure if they have someone handling international shipping or not. But, if you need someone to be a middle man for ya i can take care of it.


Mzjill is in if thats something we want to pursue.


Is there a menu available?

I beilve its on her web page , if not she text me what she has its only about 6-7 strains.

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Just looked through some of her page, stuff sounds wonderful. the one that caught my eye first was Brian Berry black currant, and of course it’s a limited edition/retired! Omg I love black currant wine, I just now realized I need a nice red wine bud!

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I had a member ask me about the freebies I received from this . I didn’t and I would of shared the expense with the group if so . I tried , and thought we would of gotten some too.
Ill have everyones stuff out by the end of the week (saturday) . 3rd shifts ruff ,


@Hugh_Glass Lol U can put me out there. It was me who wanted to know…lol. Call it wishful thinking…lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: be safe :person_in_lotus_position:t6:‍♂ :fist:t6:


Its cool . I know others wondered to im sure too . So we can put a pin in it and all know this what we got.


Boggke Gum for me sir.
Damn over huh? Aint that about a…

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It’s over .every ones order is in at my house and getting ready to be shipped back to them. Sorry . I plan on doing another though right after every one gets there items.


Im packing up and separating the orders. So bog sent our beans in a small plastic baggies with his individually label . The kind you would buy flower in 15 years ago .
Does any one have a problem with me securing your beans in a small 1/4 inch air line for protection in their journey. PM me if you want them left as is. If not im going to put them in some air pump tubing so they dont get crushed along the way,