Tonygreens RIL Group Buy Grow Show

Hello all, this thread will be the grow along for my dedicated run for the Overgrow RIL group buy.
20 seeds 50 bucks is the buy in. If we hit 50 participants 10 from each will go to the server fund.
If we hit 75 total participants I will make it 30 seeds each!
We got a little time but good things come to those who wait!

I will be using my original clones but while they veg I figured I’d look for some more GB moms and see what we find! Popped these and took cuts from my mom…

Thanks to Overgrow for the cool spot and @Hugh_Glass for reaching out and handling the back end so I can grow!

List of participants

Add your name (and number of packs you want) below:

  1. grohio. 1 pack
  2. ReikoX
  3. Kingmambo 2 packs
  4. monkeyman 2 packs :monkey_face: :monkey_face:
  5. Hugh_Glass 6 :broccoli: :broccoli: :broccoli: :broccoli: :broccoli: :broccoli:
  6. Seamonkey84 1 pack
  7. Indoornesian 2pax
  8. Northern_Loki, 2x
  9. Old-Ron 2x
  10. Ginger_rick
  11. Tejas (1 pack)
  12. pUrPLe-n-hAiRy :smirk: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face: (1 pack)
  13. Joker 2x
  14. 7anja7od (2)
  15. lefthandseeds
  16. thenasty1 (1 pack)
  17. Papalag (1 pack)
  18. Vagabond_Windy (1 pack)
  19. Jdem075 (1 pack)
  20. HolyAngel (1 pack)
  21. cannacrabber (2 packs)
  22. rootfarmer ( 3 packs) :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal:
  23. BlowingupJake (1 pack)
  24. projectgreenthumb710 (1 pack)
  25. twistedinfinity (1 pack)
  26. GCBudz (1 pack)
  27. Swe-can 2 packs “for now”
  28. JBow918 (1 pack)
  29. khaoohs (1)
  30. Stickyjones(1)
  31. bigred 1pack
  32. Calyxander 2 packs
  33. wadar
  34. Redjimp 1
  35. GreenBhoy (1)
  36. Smkncanuck 3 packs
  37. BarefootAndBlazed (2 packs)
  38. DiggySoze
  39. TheShowMeHomie :gorilla: :gorilla: :gorilla:
  40. joecool (1 pack)
  41. misterbee (2 packs)
  42. getright (2 packs)
  43. stanknugzz77 (1 pack)
  44. Butustank (1 pack)
  45. canofbusjoe (1 pack)
  46. Guitarzan (2 Packs)
  47. Kcity87 (1 Pack)
  48. Stevie1durr (2 packs)
  49. Hydro-420 (1 pack)
  50. Howard.Crane (1 pack)
  51. SweetLeaf (1 pack)
  52. pawsfodocaws (3 packs):pause_button: :pause_button: :pause_button:
  53. repins12 ( 1 pack )
  54. Cbz (1 pack)
  55. MBVapester (1 pack)
  56. GramTorino (1 pack)
  57. bigbluedog360 ( 1 pack)
  58. Blue (2 packs)
  59. Hydrlizr 1 pack
  60. BubbaRay 1 pack
  61. MotherTeresa 1 pk
  62. BluesHarp 1 pack
  63. GrowingHigher 1 pack
  64. YoungDad420 1 pack
  65. Badger 1 pack
  66. Baltimore (1)
  67. Undead-Toker 1 pack
  68. M.M. 1 pack
  69. PlantShepherd - 1 pack
  70. Bubbles Depot 1 pack
  71. Serialsquishy (2 packs)
  72. Purple_Drank604 (1 pack)
  73. redribbonultra (1pack)
  74. 50State (2 packs)
  75. Techrepkim (1 pack)
  76. TheHighCheef (1 pack)
  77. Herbie (1 pack)
  78. indyfarmer (1 pack)
  79. goatrock (1 pack)
  80. Who(1 pack)
  81. iggypuffs (2 packs)
  82. WHF (1 pack)
  83. pkrwood (1 pack)
  84. stONER775 (1 pack)
  85. MrBergstrom (1 pack)
  86. DannyTerpintine (2 packs):gorilla::gorilla:
  87. Shiskaberrysavior (1 pack)
  88. bil (2 packs)
  89. Theomegajedi (1 pack)

Q & A

@Hugh_Glass is in charge of all the administration:

How do I get added to the strain list?

You need to be a registered member. Log in and then click Edit button right below this post…




Wait do I really get to be first to say…

Ahem, by which I mean, this sounds delightful, I’m very interested!:laughing:


I spoke with tony green :broccoli: and things will happen just like they did on the bog thread . I will gather payments send it to tony , tony will send me your order and I will ship you your order. For any one wondering why its for the security reasons I beilve . Im cool with that though.
Everything after 50 packs 10 goes to the house too I beilve if I understood that correctly.
Thanks for doing this for us @Tonygreen. Thats really nice of you.

****TG is doing a special run for us here at OG . It wont be ready for many months sign your name to the wiki list to secure your spot with the number of packs you want to buy when they become available. . When he is finished and contacts me I will make an announcement.
I will not be taking payment till then. This will take a while 3-4 months.


I am in on this deal.Will have my cash in 10days at months end.Hope thats soon enough,dont wanna miss out on a great deal and great gear as well as support OG the best site by far.

Huge props to @Tonygreen for doing this for us and OG

Even bigger props to @Hugh_Glass for the amount of time and effort dedicated to helping us all achieve the best gear from the best breeders at great rates.You Sir are a true hero here at OG in my book.Its peeps like you that make this such an amazing community.


Plenty of time, these wont be ready for a bit. I’ll show you guys how I select my Gorilla Bubble along the way.


I just read that on the other thread Hugh has going.Made me real happy as buy that time i will be able to grab 5 or 10 packs…Cannot wait to follow along and see how you work your magic and learn a ton too.


Just like the BOG buy, I’m in.
Do your thing @Tonygreen :muscle:t3::muscle:t3:


Yeah. I wanna get down with this. I didn’t have the extra dough last time.


Im in for a pack maybe more :100::100::v::v:

Thank you @Tonygreen and @Hugh_Glass


It going to be three months or so.


More time to save $$$ :smile::v:


Awesome, thanks @Tonygreen! I think we should wiki tony’s first post so people can sign up there and indicate how many packs we want to make it easier for those in charge of coordinating this instead of doing it via PM here


Yes I am in as well. Glad I got in on the BOG deal too.


Put me down for a pack. Thank you, @Tonygreen and @Hugh_Glass. It’s like getting our own bespoke seed packs.


I agree 100%


Ril? I love all the acronyms, it makes it easy, to confuse a simple badger. What strain are we talking, and who is Tony? Excuse the ignorance please. :grin:


I’m in like Flynn, for one maybe two packs.
Glad to be along for the ride. @Tonygreen thanks so much for doing this for the community. I’ve been following your other thread and you have amazing plants. Just hope when the time comes I can do them justice.


Ril = recombinant inbred line only reason I know is I read his first thread about the gg ril long ago lol

Which ril are we talking here? The gorilla glue or gorilla bubble?


I for one had no clue what that really meant. Pretty intriguing if you read up on it.