HaRdRoC's Server fund auction

Hey ladies and gents let’s have some fun, and in doing so help out the site.

This is my 1st time doing an auction so…bare with me, I may need some help with this…

@Shadey is gracious enough to handle the shipping for us, so he will be collecting addresses, shipping costs and distribution, thanks buddy :grin::+1:

I will keep this open from today May 2nd to May 9th at 12pm Atlantic time, here with your corresponding time:


So how this works is I have 6 lots to be bid on.
4 of them are 5 reg seed of each for the exception of the Orange Goji, each lot will get 10 of those.

The other 2 lots are 3 fem seeds of each, for the exception of Banana Fast. Each lot will have 5 of those.

Shipping info - updated
US :us: $3 (Untracked).
Canada :canada: $3 (Untracked).
International :globe_with_meridians: $10 (Untracked).
These will be sent from Canada. Tracked shipping available (please request for quote from @Shadey or @50State).

The bidding on each lot will start at $35 usd, plus shipping. With $5 minimum bids
Payments are due on May 10th. Please use https://overgrow.com/donate (cards accepted) or PM @LemonadeJoe for Paypal.

Lots will be sent out when payments and shipping costs are received.
Hit up @Shadey for all distribution matters.

I believe the (server fund) strains are from a sever fund from @OleReynard ?

One thing I would like to ask of you is if you outbid someone, could you please tag them, so they know. Thank you.

SURPRISE!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: We got MORE :fire::fire::fire: for Ya’ll. The VERY generous @50State has donated 2 MORE lots for you lucky seed hounds to hug n slug over :grin::grin::grin::grin:
Bidding on these start at $65

If both lots 5 and 6 get to $80 or above, the highest bidder of the 2 will also receive a 5 pack of fem Lemongrass from Humboldt Seeds.

If all lots 1 through 4 get to $100 or above the highest bidder of the 4 lots will also receive a 5 reg pack of Chocolate Marshmallows from Exotic Geneix Seeds


Lot 1

10 Orange Goji (50 State)
5 Black Dolato (Joti)
5 Endangered Cookies (Sin City)
5 Gooey x Apollo 13 ( server fund)
5 Roof 95 (TH Seeds)

Lot 2

10 Orange Goji (50 State)
5 Black Cookies (Joti)
5 Doc Holiday x C99 (Painted Fire)
5 Pineapple Haze ( Barney’s Farm)
5 Sour Banana Sherbet (Crockett Family Farms)

Lot 3

10 Orange Goji (50 State)
5 Blackberry Hammer (Joti)
5 God’s 8ball Kush (Joti)
5 Lemon Lotus (Bodhi)
5 White Tahoe Cookies x Bull Dawg (server fund)

Lot 4

10 Orange Goji (50 State)
5 Blue Lights (Joti)
5 God’s MAC (Joti)
5 L4yer Cake ( TH Seeds)
5 White x Purple Wreck x Blue Moonshine
(server fund)

Fem seed:

Lot 5

5 Banana Fast ( Expert Seeds)
3 French Macaron (TH Seeds)
3 Gorilla Banana (Expert Seeds)
3 Franco’s Lemon Cheese (Greenhouse Seeds)

Lot 6

5 Banana Fast ( Expert Seeds)
3 Fruit Salad (Expert Seeds)
3 Gorilla Ice Cream (Expert Seeds)
3 Washing Machine ( Ripper Seeds)



10 Orange Gogi F1’s
20 Sunshine #4 F2’s
30 Good Medicine F2’s
50 UFS #18 F2’s
20 Orange Sunshine F2’s



10 Orange Goji F1’s
20 Sunshine #4 F2’s
30 Good Medicine F2’s
50 UFS #18 F2’S
20 Orange Sunshine F2’s

Have fun and let the bidding begin :grin:

Highest bids

Lot Bidder Amount
Lot #1 @lostinmyhome $100
Lot #2 @Heliosphear $90
Lot #3 @misterbee $110
Lot #4 @Eagles009 $110
Lot #5 @Qtip $70
Lot #6 @Qtip $60
Lot #7 @WubbaLubbaDubDub $210
Lot #8 @BigT $180

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Note for bidders: This table is just informational and not automatically updated with every bid. Please always check last posts to verify highest amount before bidding. Thank you.
:pencil2: This post is a wiki. Anyone with tl1+ can update this table.

:mega: Whenever you outbid someone, please tag him using @ to notify him.


Nice man, all of those sound really good


Ok bro, let’s do this!!!

Lot 1 - $35


When will payment be due?


Can’t skip a chance to get some Orange Goji. Thanks for doing this!

Lot 3 - 35$


May 10th would be good I assume


What the Heck!!! Lot 4…$50.00 @misterbee…lol SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:


Could I get a @moderators to make a wiki to put the lots and so I can add the names of highest bidders to them? I’m not tech savvy at all…:grin:




Absolutely awesomeness. Those are some great lots. Thanks for putting this together @HaRdRoC. I’ve really been overspending on beans but this one might be hard to pass on.


Lot 3 - $50! @Orloff If I win will share the Orange Goji with you as my eyes are on something else :sunglasses:

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I might have to bid some you up… eye balling a few lots. And a good cause. :thinking:


If ur scared go 2 church!

Bid away :sunglasses:

cough cough just not on the same lot as me cough cough (jk)


Lot #2 $50


Lot #5 - $50

And BRAVO for listing the source breeders!!! Credit where credit is due, good for you.


Lot #6 - $50


Lot #1 - $50

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