How much Dolimite lime?

How much per gallon do you add to your mix ? If you do use it how much would be too much and what would be the effects of using to much ? I see a lot of different recipes with different quantities of it in the mix .


I use about 1 cup per cubic foot in a new peat based mix. How much is 1 cubic foot?

7.5 gallons is 1 cubic foot

3 half filled 5 gallon buckets is 1 cubic foot of soil, this is how I measure for mixing.

Hope that helps

Edit: my mix would look like this.
1/2 bucket SPM (peat)
1/2 bucket areation (perlite)
1/2 bucket compost or EWC
1 cup lime
about 2 cups of amendments such as kelp or something like garden tone


You can add 1 cup of Dolo per cubic foot of Straight Peat to “lime” it…to raise and stabilize the acidic ph of the peat and of course you are adding also 2 essential elements…calcium and magnesium.

I don’t add it to the mix I add it to the peat before mixing with the others ingredients ( perlite ewc coco)

I made a mix of 2 part Dolomite 1 part ag calcium carbonate and 1 part gypsum to give variety of calcium sources plus sulfur too…

Any excess of this elements could be devastating for your crop…cant be flushed away so…be very careful in dosing and mix it well…

Im liming peat this way since years and I love it…
Its the best way to know what’s in your soil…do it yourself…


Thanks for your responses . Very helpful . :smile:


love that gypsum, especially in a big pot

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So a cup is 8 tablespoons and a cubic foot is 7.5 gallons. You would be safe to use a tablespoon or gallon. :+1::seedling:


I actually went with a table spoon per gallon , but because I used FFOF/HF as my base soil I was worried it would be to much . I used the FF because I had it here and wanted to use it up . Im planning on using Promix in future . Maybe Ill just start over .
The mix was
3 parts FF
1 part EWC
1 part perlite
9 TBLS kelp meal
5 TBLS dolomite lime

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I like to crush that dolomite up and water it in


I forgot that. I use 1/2 cup gypsum in a cubic foot. Sulfur helps the terp development, adds to the flavor.


I prefer gypsum, you can use as much as you want and it won’t affect your soil/ mediums PH.


@ReikoX, a cup is 16 tablespoons. I have “1 TBSP is one half ounce” engraved in my brain, and reading your post made me second guess myself.

For anyone who wants an easy to use volume calculator, try this one: