How to make a tincture from BHO (DMO)

Hello still pretty new to OG forum, hopefully this is the right thread to ask.
I would like to make an extract using Dexso extractor and Dimethyl Ether solvent. What would be the option of making a tincture for medicinal purposes from this kind of extraction?
I need a more dose like solution to administer to my girfriend to help her with rheumatoid arthritis.
Initially I was going to make classic RSO using medical nafta. However, I have just found out about other methods of extraction namely BHO and DMO which should produce cleaner results. I still may use the “old” rice cooker method to make RSO for topical use. This also brings me to another question. Can you do two rounds with source material using butane or DMe?
Thank you kindly for advice

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