HPA vs LPA Aero Systems

Ive always used LPA systems that I have built. Does HPA systems do any better.

There is no magic system

Im down with that like 4 flat tires.

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HPA = high pressure aeroponics LPA = low pressure aeroponics

I’m too oldschool to be used to this new terms :slight_smile:

Am I getting it right that even with drip system (although it uses high pressure and emitters to get even flow from each capillary tube) there is still no mister so no mist creation = no HPA?

Implications for me - please correct me:

HPA (High pressure aeroponics)

  • high pressure misters

LPA (Low pressure aeroponics)

  • rainforest
  • bubbler ?
  • low pressure sprinklers

I agree … My system may be a NFT but it’s safer than misting.

Hi grape ape
Im used to aeroponic system since more than 10 years now
Nearly all commercial system i know is not HPA but LPA except the one i used for growing during sevrral year called appolo 3 who use a real high presure pump tubing and sprayer
U also need a surpressor baloon and a second cycle timer because pump suck 1000 watts and should run only few second each few minute otherway it will be a nft …

If everything is done in the right way hpa is far better than lpa because your roots will make lot of microscopic hair and will allow plant to eat a lot more i will try to find some picture of the apollo system in action for you

And if you are interested in aero i just started my diary for my micro aero grow (60x60 cm)
But it s in lpa

Anyway i wish u good luck and think about reliability :wink:

Stay safe grow hard :smiley:

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@Bhang Thanks for your reply. I’m watching your aero topic.

Here some picture at 44 day of flowering
Its ak47 sativa pheno (67day)
In the appolo system plant got only 3 day of veg

Last one is 49 days