Is Guerrilla mail safe for sign-up?

Signed up here with Guerrilla Mail, why?- E-mail is insecure in general but whatya gonna do right, prefer if overgrow would repel trolls/bots based on fingerprinting but whatever. My question to anyone who nows about that tech. I saw there something about others can potentially see the inbox on guerrilla mail, its not exclusive or something.
Any precautions i can now take to secure my account here now im here?
I prefer to be here for the long term on same account but not sure if Guerrilla mail has left a vulnerability


Mail box is required for account activation because it can be the only means to reset password in case you lose it.

You can change the email address in your profile later if you change your email provider.

You can also disable all email notifications in your profile so we won’t ever send anything your way.


On the subject of emails, i’m seeing this warning in my inbox from gmail

I’m not sure what impact it has, i’ve never seen this kind of warning on an email before.


That means that the email message was not encrypted during the transport. I’ll try to address this with future mail server updates.

Even if it had been sent encrypted for the transport layer, admin on the receiving server can still read it, so it is not meant for sensitive info. That is where PGP encryption comes to play.


Cool thanks for the clarification. I would never use email for secure communications anyway :slight_smile:


So that link that was initially sent to verify account can only be used once to get in?

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