Which email service to use for OG registration?

In case you wish to create single purpose email address for registration to Overgrow.com we have gathered list of temporary mail box services (listed by their popularity):

For more permanent security-minded inbox these services offer embedded PGP encryption:

If you prefer encryption in desktop mail client, you can check Enigmail - PGP extension to Mozilla Thunderbird.

This is very bad advice, hushmail has been rolling on their users for almost ten years now as, do most of this list. And embedded pgp is worthless when the embedder holds the private keys. Any email host not based on usa soil that isn’t known to rat out their users like these should be fine, and use local pgp not some service. Put hushmail fbi into a search and read if you don’t believe me, they sell people out without a warrant. Just becuase they are popular doesn’t make them safe.


i have also heard a lot about hushmail and their rat bag ness. i feel the harder you try to hide something online the more they will start looking at you

Thanks for the feedback. This list is meant more as inspiration for those that don’t want to infest their primary mail account with anything cannabis related. That is why there isn’t word “safe” mentioned in original post.

It is also solution for us to give simple options to users because email address is required for registration to OG (this is more measure to fight spam for us).

PGP won’t help in this sense for example, because you will still receive activation email from us which is not encrypted.

I have simply gathered this list by looking at what disposable email services do users usually use on my sites. I haven’t tried any of them, and I also don’t consider them safe in any sense.

Currently bitmessage.ch in connection with Tor connection looks very promising but requires IT knowledge.

Time to time every service is questioned, for example tormail.org is said to also not be safe because gov agencies are now operating their own Tor exit nodes and Tor gets monitored because it is regarded as suspicious.

So it is very hard to recommend something really safe, because it often needs some technical background.

So do you recommend some particular services?


No, your post pretty much covers it, just don’t assume something is safe. Protonmail and hushmail and safemail I know for a fact cooperate with the law. That is enough for me to never type them in my address bar. As far as tor exit nodes being controlled by adversaries this has been since tors iinception, nothing new, they need it as much as we do and they need us to use it to hide their activity (alphebet soup, FVEY whatever you call them. Be very careful online, that was my point.

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I use Tutanota for primary and protonmail as 4th
Am happy with both
40+ character password and hope they are good guys?