January Picture of the Month ~Contest~ 🎥

:movie_camera::boom::seedling: Picture of the month contest thread! :seedling::boom: :movie_camera:

How it works -

Each month you can enter one (only one) Amazing picture from a current Or recent grow. It can be of anything. Trich shot, bud shot, aphids eating your stem shot :rofl: etc… on the 29th of each month a poll will be posted and on the 1st of each month a winner will be announced!!

To enter is simple. Donate 12$ USD to the site https://overgrow.com/donate (cards accepted, contact @LemonadeJoe if you prefer paypal). Put your name in the list below and you’re in for the year. Shipping costs are being taken care of by @PoppaPuff ( special thanks to him, what a great dude)

That’s 12 chances to win for only 12 bucks!


  1. Only one entry per month per person
  2. Pic must be taken by you of a recent or current Ganja grow
  3. You must donate $12 to https://overgrow.com/donate (it’s card gateway, paypal available too - msg @LemonadeJoe)
  4. Entries must be submitted by the 28th of each month before 11:59pm (EST) at which time a poll will be posted to the thread. It will stay up until the last day of the month And a winner will be announced on the 1st of each month.
  5. You cannot vote for your own entry.

Whats up for Grabs

For the first 9 months a Vax Plus dry herb and wax Vaporizer and a pack of seeds from my collection will go to the winner

For the remaining 3 months the prize will be a VS dry herb Vaporizer and 2 packs of beans from my collection.

How to participate

:mega: Please enter your name below to participate after you have donated. @LemonadeJoe will be confirming that each participant has donated 12$ for the contest.

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  1. pcc5rivers

Rainbow ylly by @TricomaGoldGenetics





Whats going on og fam 2021 here we come lol here is a jungle spice f2 from lefthandseeds


Is that still JOTI Floyd? Still waiting for on that. I have a feeling it will show up this week. I just got something from @CoastalMarySeeds and they paid 14 bucks for shipping. I actually got alot out there floating around come to think of it. I would like to run the CANDYLAND with the HOPSCOTCH I got from hoppy.


No that’s Tomahawk from Greenpoint at about 60 days . It took 2 weeks for my sister who lives an hour away to get an Xmas card I sent her . So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised how long its taking to get mail to you .




Unable to wiki myself in?


Just about the pull this girl, first time growing and will definitely do again…24k gold


Well, I haven’t entered for a couple months but the entries have just been TOO AWESOME! YOU GUYS/GALS are TOO AWESOME!!

Here’s my attempt this month! Congrats to @schmarmpit, ahead of time, for winning this! Hehe, just kidding! Hey! I’ve voted for his stuff at LEAST twice, so…

Above is the Herijuana x (Black Widow x Sensi Star) randomly germinating dropped seeds from when I harvested the moms 11.1.20. Even with the frosty nights here in N California I still have about 10 or 11 of these random seedlings that popped up from dropped seeds! This one made additional sets of leaves that the others haven’t been able to muster!


Very cool. Are you going to help it along? It wants to live!


Looks like Super Critical CBD in the bottom of a 1.5 liter jar to me :dash::dash::v::sunglasses:


Not exactly a bud shot, but it started out that way. Unhappy banana pic, made from trim and larf from, you guessed it Banana Kush


Looks yummy ! :yum:


My first bud!


Tahoe Gold from Master Thai.


A5 X KH cola from Ace Seeds…

…cheerz… :fist_left:…h00k…


I was thinking about grabbing it and its root ball, as its basically growing in a big mound of dirt next to my raised bed, and trying not to kill it during transplant and bringing it inside as it’s not gonna make it outside where I live! Thanks for the encouragement cuz I wasn’t really thinking too hard about doing it. But you’re right, IT DOES WANT TO LIVE!