JustANobody's Neck Beard Basement Grow

This is just going to document my ongoing grows. I’m a fairly new grower, I’ve only been growing about 2 years and just continuing to learn. I mainly grow indoors but tossed a couple plants outside this year. Any advice is welcome.

My set up:
Burple light
Heat mat
Mini greenhouse
Root riot plugs

Growing in 6 packs, solo cups, blueberry starter pots, and 2 gal pots
Single HLG Diablo board running at ~150 watts
Mix of hand watering and blumats
Organic reused soil cooked 1-2 months
AC infinity Bluetooth controller, Inline fan, carbon filter.

Growing in 7 gal nursery pots
HLG Scorpion Rspec Far Red 700 watts
HLG 30 Watt UV bar
Irrigation via blumats and 30 gal res with southern AG beneficial bacteria
Reused and amended soil cooked 2+ months.
AC Infinity Bluetooth controller, Inline fan, carbon filter


Current veg tent, don’t be too brutal.
It’s over packed and I have way too much going on.
As of right now I have the following:
MOB cuts from @Electric-Stoner
“Black Widow” we found in a pack of White Widow from Greenhouse, probably won’t run the rest of the pack as we weren’t impressed with any of the other plants.
An unknown AKBB cross
An Exotic Genetix Apes in Space clone from a couple runs ago
@JAWS Fruity Pebbles OG F4, just culled the last male last night.
And 12 Weighted Blanket from @Tonygreen

I’m hoping flower wraps up soon because I am running out of space very fast.


You had me at grow! I’ll be quietly following along :grinning::fire::+1:


Current Flower tent wrapping up day 55 of 12/12.
Im running Tony Greenhand Fud x FOMO in the front, it’s 2 seeds he crossed from a bag of kush mintz. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m not disappointed. So far. Has a nice floral fruity smell to it.
In back I’m running Exotic Genetix Blackout Bobby. These have tk be the best producing plants I’ve grown to date, I’m hoping a cutting I have takes.


Outdoor in running 2 ISS x Chocolate Thai from AK Bean Brains. These were clones of plants I ran from a tester pack last winter. The plants had a wide variety of pheno’s, most were nice. There’s no way they finish outside up here, so it’ll all go to bubble hash if there is no mold. These are in 20 gal fabric bags, which is good due to the wet summer we had, filled with local cow shit, our own compost and chicken poop, local dirt.


Looks outstanding man. Nice job.


Thanks! It’s that local cow shit! It’s something special.


This winter and fall will have a lot of MOB, Tony Green and Jaws. I am hoping to pack the flower tent full for 2 flower runs. Humidity in the winter isn’t an issue due to the wood stove in the house.


Everything looks good to me ! My Veg room is always overcrowded lol! Yours looks fine, love your strain selections! That blackout bobby I had my eye on too! Glad to hear it’s a good one! Looking forward to the rest of the show @JustANobody

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It’s been a super easy plant to grow from seed. I have some more cuts in the fridge if these don’t take.

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Nice! Very wise choice.

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Looking good!

My veg. room is always crowded too. :roll_eyes: Gives the opportunity for more plants to select from. Or at least that what I tell myself. :grinning:

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Nice setup and looks like it have dailed in well! That blackout bobby looks thick and frosty!


Oh I just run em all at this point haha. I get over ambitious and start popping seeds.


Thanks! They have been super easy plants to run. Took a bit but most of it is automated which helps.

I ended up taking some cuts off 2 of the Fruity Pebbles OG F4 plants. They were all lowers that needed to go so they aren’t in the best shape. Worst case scenario I take more cuts next week if these don’t take. I figure I have another 2ish weeks before the flower tent is open, we will see. I had another MOB cut show roots last night so that was potted today.


Some malted barley powder arrived today so I added that with some mycos to my tubs of soil that are currently cooking.

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A Blackout Bobby cutting starting throwing roots so into the Veg tent she goes and into the woods I go.


following along! looking like a dank jungle!

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Thanks, appreciate it.