Katsu Bluebird Genetics

Hello all, same with Dynasty/Relic I couldn’t find a thread to discuss Katsu Genetics. So I’m making one! I just added 1x Banana Sour (Reg) to my new run!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all things Katsu! :bird:


Banana Sour Day 1!


I actually know Katsu (granola) pretty well. Been chatting for 15 years or so . Has been one of the breeders I idolized from the start, especially after he randomly sent me a giant bag of beans to grow 10-11 years back. Katsu Bubba is still the best bubba I’ve ever grown and absolutely amazing medicine for anxiety!!id kill to have her back (he assures me he’s doing his best) we’ve actually helped each other over the years as well. Awesome idea, although I have nothing from him growing atm. I will say raindance is to this day in my top smokes ever! Lime gas that just coats your mouth and gets you RUINED! I could list off 15 amazing strains easily!


Katsu is one of the breeders on my list to get whatever I can of their work. It’s just outside my very limited budget. Definitely along for the ride!


I ran his Sour Bubba before, it was killer.


I have some Katsu Celestial Tremors growing outside right now. The weather has been crazy so I hope it finishes well.
It’s my first time growing any Katsu gear. He gave me the seeds a few years ago for free. I promised I’d grow them 1st when I become legal. He said its a great mix of Kush cultivars and I should make sure I take a cut. Which i did.
Right now it smells like tootsie rolls.


I just recently grew/am growing some Katsu work. Optimus Lime was actually pretty decent. Lived up to the name, lime and gas. But not as much potency as I hoped. Im running a few of his Sour D IBL, and its looking like theres at least 2 phenos, but one of them def has the big jumpy structure like the original cut. But being IBL theres a lot of runty plants in the mix. Which is expected. Ive got a couple moms going right now that I’m gonna stress test to see how similar they really are to the old cut I had. The one with the big jumpy structure looks and stem rubs pretty close to my memory.


His discord just got shutdown (it had a ton of people) so he had to make a new one and then he created a forum. He just created it within the past week or so. He said he wanted a place that wouldnt get fucked by TOS etc.


I know Bodhi uses his Bubba.


katsu is one of my rolemodels (!) his sharing spirit is just legendary.
bubba kush, deep chunk and chocolate trip are amazing selections.

i grew a few of bubba’s sister, bubba’s breath
and sour bubba and they were really good :slight_smile:

i’ll dig out those pics, need to find them first … *SANdigging *


I split the platinum box for a year with another homie, all I’ve grown is the GMA which was a collab of Katsu’s GMO and technical cultivators Alani. Fantastic washer, great smells of old rotten burger king bags, I’ve run it non stop since I popped the seeds.


Must be headstash for sure to rerun those little tops. Nice!!!


I loved the brain fog (burnt toast x OG), definitely a top 5 smoke for me. I have a balefire running now (oreoz x plat kush) and it is one of the frostiest plants I’ve grown, not super loud but so much frost. Ziggy’s Stardust (80’s skunk x romulan) and the Plat Rootbeer were solid.

Brain fog

Ziggy’s Stardust

Plat Rootbeer

So far my only gripe with Katsu stuff is he used the Aladdin Sane Bowie for the graphic on his seed packs and not the Ziggy Stardust persona. :sweat_smile:

I have a couple hotcake crosses and another romulan cross I want to get to eventually… maybe this spring.

Thanks for looking.


I have the Chocolate Trips coming today, hopefully the AK47s are in there too!


Many, many little tops is way better for me because I wash and/or squish everything.


You don’t still have to process them down to smaller sizes before washing?


Top buds I will break down more if I’m really motivated. Definitely got to be smaller for flower rosin but for washing I don’t worry about it too much.


Wasn’t that Bubba x Lemon Thai you sent me his Bubba? That plant turned black if I remember. I’d like to run those again, now. The Lemon Thai I’m running now are wild. I’ll post in your thread.


Very cool brother. @TopShelfTrees1

I got to name one his strains, I called it Coffin Candy :candy:


So you are the one who named it! Good choice!


i used 3 different bubbas to the candy lemon thai f1 male :wink:
the one i send to you was original bubba (1992) x lemon thai.

hey, that’s a great name for katsu’s line :slight_smile: kudos !!