CSI Humboldt Seeds

I have to give a shoutout to CSI Humboldt. They have always hooked me up.

I have bought multible seed packs from these guys. They always hookup the freebies. Everything they have is fire. The best growing freebies on earth!

Personally, I believe Nspecta at CSI has some of the best fem lines in the world. Bold words I know.

Check out this freebie.
Smell My Finger (Purple Urkle x Kush)

Here are some of the packs I’ve bought. Not everything …but some. The freebies are on the bottom row. A lot of fun things!


I personally love CSIs gear; its just a tad pricey so whenever he produces something I really want ill get it. But with that being said, I dont purchase them on a whim like I would a bodhi, AKBB, BOG, or Useful pack.


Yeah I agree. I usually grab a few packs when he runs a 20% off sale. He does have quite a few packs for $100 or less. I got the Southern XMas Kush (Triangle Kush x 79 Xmas Bud) for $80.

He does have some $200 + packs but for every pack he sells over $150 he has 20 for $100.


There is also a seedbank which offers his gear for pretty inexpensive; but tbh, I dont trust it so I wont list it in case someone gets burned.

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Thanks for sharing guys!

CSI Humbolt seems to have a great rep.

Do they really test all those crosses though?

Out of any breeder site I’ve looked at they have like by far highest number of crosses, all 100-200$ a pack. Almost 160 fem strains listed at time of posting this.

If it is all fire, that’s pretty amazing… Would have to be the hardest working breeder in history. Can’t help but be a little skeptical though, but they are always highly praised :thinking:

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Caleb’s an alright upright guy, he’s got some of my gear that he’s working with

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While I have always wanted a TK cut I just cannot bring myself to pay $200 for the S1. I heard that it is a great one though.

I have a few others from CSI but they were all gifts.


I just harvested a bubbas gift from them. I’ve never smelt such grapy smelling weed!

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I grew some of his seeds last round. Beautiful plants with amazing smells. I also recommend getting his gear during the sales so you won’t pay 100+ a pack.

Old family purple

Mendocino purple cheddar


That’s a good question. I’ve seen most of his crosses on his IG so I know he grows them out. I cannot speak on sending the seeds to testers…like say…Bodhi.

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Definitely a breeder worth having in your canopy.

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Bodhi chucks out a hundred a month, lmfao! “Nuked up shite”, not my words, can’t remember where I read it now…Anyways it was another breeder talking preservation and didn’t have much good to say about Bodhi.
Sry to steer off topic! No dogs in this fight, so pls don’t lay to much hate down.

That Cali-O has been on my mind for a long time, just 100 bucks for a pack, is a little crappy when you can get twice as much from a lot of good breeders. But I have heard a lot of good things about CSI and Caleb, if Fems are your thing he is a safe bet.
Is CSI Portland the same place, what’s the deal?

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I have their chemdog s1 coming. I’ve seen alloy of there stuff on other sites . it all looks really good.