Leds with UV

They do exist

Swapping out the entire facility.

Problem: Photosynthate is not making a full trip to expanding leaf margins and back, causing a sensitivity to light and reduction in rhizome, leading to a carbon shortage during bloom and susceptibility to budrot at harvest.

Slow, uneven bud development. Reduced yield. Low aroma levels. Bland recreational effects. Reduced medical effects.

Solution: I will be adding 10ml per yard Boron Glycinate in addition to the added UV.

M.I.G.G.A. is my motto for 2022.
Make Indo Growing Great Again
No burnt tips, no purple buds, no cake batter bullshit! Play time is over.


@Westcoastcroppers. Change your name?



I know that sentence structure lol.The boron gave it away yezzahhh


They do exist but But the uv diodes have a shorter life span than the regular red and white diodes. It’s better to get a separate board with only uv


They are unreliable too I’m a repair geek they come in my shop a LOT


Yep sadly they haven’t caught up with the efficiency of regular leds but they work for increasing terpenes for sure. I run an HLG uv bar in flower always

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It will catch up just like led lights themselves did Remember the leds 10 years ago?Back then I would have been like no way yet here I am with a bar led light set up and I like mine.


How do you operate that UV bar ?I heard someone say in like 15 min intervals I think I could be totally wrong


I heard similar but lacking a robust timer I just ran mine the full 12. Figured a 20watt UVB bulb was not about to cause problems.

Maybe it worked, maybe I got really lucky?


I think your Plants look frosty and nice and full real nice.I was trying to figure out what size up bulb would be good for a 4x4 tent.Where do you put it.I have a 6 bar hyphotonflux full spectrum light.Would I put that bulb in the middle of the 6 of the bars? Was thinking something like this


The problem, as I understand it, with floro UV tubes supplementing LED arrays is that the UV lights have to be much further away from the canopy.
I am not running any, but I did see an informational video from Sean at MIGRO.


Mine is a former lizard light, like a 12" tube. I hung it about 15-20cm from the top of the plants.

The other advice I heard was running just a few hours in the middle of lights on, to simulate high-noon. I doubt my 12 hour UV supplementation even came close to an hour of natural UV from the sun.

Just to clarify though, the first time I tried using the UV bulb my mechanical timer decided to be fidgety and ran through the dark period two times before I caught on. In that case a 20W bulb was definitely sufficient to stress the plants and destroy that crop.


If the leds were more reliable I would have totally went with them.I have replaced so many either fake OSRAM diodes or actual real UV diodes and they don’t last for shit even the good ones and we just don’t have the Tech yet to warrant the purchase for me.I see it in the next 5 to ten years though they keep getting a little better every year.Thanks for the advice on the canopy with the bulb led combo.I will remember that


I could imagine 20 watts was pretty mild for uvb then with those reptile bulbs you think?Clever idea actually and the bulbs are cheaper

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Came free to me, but I haven’t bothered with it since May. Just one more moving component to the grow, and I never liked the idea of it being on while I sat in the garden.

I would like to give it a more structured scientific attempt one day as those were the frostiest buds I’ve produced to date. Not the most potent, but the frostiest.

Given the lowered efficiency of UVB LED, I have to wonder if additional canopy distance is really necessary.

I have used the HLG 30 UVA that attaches to my 600Rspec and it runs 12/12. It apparently increases trichome production but does not cause too much damage like UVB can. I have read that you can increase both trichome production and potency if you use UVB correctly as it damages the plant and that stress causes the changes. It’s used in short bursts. But I have not tried it personally.


I run my horticulture lighting group uv bar the last three weeks of flower. You can also run it the last 15 minutes of the light cycle after week 3. Many other growers do it differently. I’ve never ran the full flower cycle.

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Is there an advantage to the 3 weeks or is it just something that worked?Id think that 3 weeks would also be of a run twords the end would be better.It’s almost like how the spectrum of the sun changes as we go deeper into fall.

It’s what I read over at a thread on rollitup. I forgot the reason why though. My guess is too much damages the plant. I never went with the uv bulbs because they are more powerful you use that one less. Those bulbs damage nearby plastic lol. The uv leds don’t do as much damage. I hang it under my light.

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UV triggers trichomes in most plants studies show.
For moving sugar dont you need to add moly with boron?
Do you use Cytokinins? It will slow senescence and purple too.

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