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Thanks for letting me know. My grow space is 2x4


Just checked our stock, in Canada warehouse, we only have 5*5 ft grow tent in stock now~~

If only I had room for a 5x5

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Harvest from TSW 2000
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Goog day ~ all brothers, Black Friday Sale, take a look if you are interested ! :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

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Hey, brothers, whats the difference between TSL2000 and SP250 ???


You sell them, so shouldn’t you know that?

I guess they won’t back their product up, unless there is a Black Friday sale looming? Good luck Stiggy…It’s a shame your lite is not working properly Pal.


Is there any problem you met ?? Let me know, pls

Mars Hydro indoor grow show




Quick 5 week flower update with the mars hydro tsw2000

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Our boss is very happy with the sales on Black Friday​:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:, so we decide to adjust Black Friday promotion :grin:

-15% off on all lights till Cyber Monday

-Combo sales still there

-Cancel the lucky bag one!!

So we still have three days for the lowest price in the whole year. Don’t miss the chance! And don’t forget to share your order here to win a free light :partying_face:

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TSW2000 week 5 ~

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Hello, brother, after Dec.2, all our price will back to original. Don’t miss the chance if you like it ~~~

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What the bottom dollar on a 24 x 48?

Use our code ‘Overgrow420’ can save an US$ 10,

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