Needing Some input on light choices

Ok so to start off first time starting a thread here so hi everyone and thanks in advanced for your input

So I’m in the process of filling out my flower space with lights around a 4x6 and was trying to fill out my space with the best bang for the buck as I could without going to crazy on diy had some issues when first starting out and really need to keep investment down for the moment now

My original choice was to use 2 mars hydro tsw2000 as I’m currently running the tsw1000 and have been pleased with the results just need more coverage

But then the issue a friend who bought 2 of the tsw1000 lights maybe 4 months before me had 1 of his 2 fail apears to be a faulty driver my light was from the next shipment of lights (some differences to note he got 1 ratchet hanger I got 2 his light had a short cable from driver to panel mine was much much longer like 6 in compared to 3ft) my light when i opened it the casing to the driver was popped open to expose all of the glue covering the drivers internals

So my question(s) should I still go through with my planned lights or could anyone recommend something comparable in the same price range 400-600 usd that going to get a similar coverage

Edit: Only looking for led suggestions :smile:

Update: his second mars just died :skull_and_crossbones::poop:

Update 2: ended up deciding on 2 spectrum king closet case 100w the new 2020 model for the reliability


If you’re trying to get the best bang for your buck, a DIY solution is best. Check out this thread:

SolStips are another option if you are state side

Mars isn’t exactly known for their customer service, but their latest fixtures seem capable of growing decent plants.


If you are looking for quality and endurance I recommend you HLG quantum board and avoid chinese cheapos. I’ve got two of them and they work great, they are now on sale so have a look … :sunglasses:


It’s a balancing act between your goals and your budget.

HLG is a good choice.
DIY is a good choice
Mars hydro is a reasonable choice, provided you get the newer models. No blurple.
Traditional HIDs are a reasonable budget choice.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of choices.

You will need to decide on $$$ $$, or $.



Cdm / Cmh , Maybe : )


Sorry I will edit the original post I am preferably looking for led fixtures or kits thank you for your recommendations tho to everyone mentioning other types of lights my apologies for not specifying


@Baudelaire would be the best one to answer your question he has a website and sells DIY LED kits and fully assembled and wired units. The site is down right now as its getting an upgrade and some new products add also I hear. I have 4 Solstrip SolSheets running, I went with the DIY kits to save a few bucks and they’re easy to assemble.


I was looking at these comparable to a 600…

I’ll be checking out…these are inexpensive and reviews seem ok

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That light only uses 185 watts. No way it is equivalent to a 600w HPS


Did you check on California Light Works? The 500 will flower a 4x4’ area, I know you said 4x6 but food for thought. Link:

They have resellers who have sales most of the time.

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4x6 area?

If cost is not a concern, go for 4 x 630 CMH fixtures. Or 8 x 315 fixtures. Result is the same.

If cost is negotiable, go 4 x 600w HPS. Magnetic Ballast. Always magnetic ballast. No fires, no RF interference.

If cost is a thing, get 2 x 1000w HPS for now, maybe add in a couple CMH later.

You can pick up used lights on Craigslist for next to nothing.

LED will disappoint you if you want big fat stinky nugs like you got for $20/gram when you were a kid. Been there, done that.

The point where plants start bleaching and showing light stress…you want to be a hair under that.

Light first, then air, then nutrients, then growing style.

Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose.


I doubt you’ve “been there” with modern premium LEDs. SolStrip LEDs deliver fat stinky buds all day long, and will pay for themselves in energy savings over HID solutions in 12-18 months.

The reason you can pick up used HID lights on CL for next to nothing is that is what they are worth to the growers that have moved on to premium LED systems.


Didnt read the full thread but if I had a 4x6 area I needed to fill with light and be able to pull 2 to 4 ps off it would be a gavita and they are only 300 bucks. I have never used led lights because I still believe led technology isn’t perfected yet but that’s just my opinion. I have looked into them and just never saw them as a real option for big grows but since u are jus doing a 4x6 space maybe led is better but I would say from my experience I’d just grab a gavita


4 630 watt cmh for a 4x6 area. Thats a ridiculous amount of power consumption for a space that size. Thats 2520 watts which comes out to 105 watts per square foot.


Led is getting there but its been going on 10 years now, older growers dont / wont put their money on led for production. The ufo for example was a $700 light and a t5 fixture for under a $100 kicked its ass up and down the street. I have started using led as supplemental lighting in summer months and the plants definitely do not grow towards the led. Hid lights are bullet proof, $15 capacitor or ignitor your back in business. LED goes out what do you do? Im waiting for all the hype and marketing to settle down and then i might lean towards LED. Its almost up there with politics, you can start a war with this topic…i know what works and has worked for a long time. Show me a led that you can pull lbs of frosty, dense bud in a 4x4 space. Grow shops make so much money off the latest and greatest gear. I worked at a hydro shop during the green rush in CO and we had 100g weekend sales, it took us longer to count the money than it did to load it up and back then 2006ish LED were the shit and you need to dump your hps and mh and stay ahead of the pack. I know a lot of people that spent a lot of money on LED and went to DE lamps in the end.


Simple…HLG 550 rspec or hlg 600 rspec.


Ill have to check it out

What happens when a board goes out?

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Damn it feels like its 2008. I haven’t seen people saying “leds aren’t there yet” for a very long time. I have to say there’s a lot of bad advice on this thread. IMO let the people who know lighting give advice and if you are unsure then maybe read some more. It’s one thing to give bad grow advice but when someone is looking for new, equipment that they might not have enough money to replace for years then you are not doing anyone a favour by recommending obsolete products or recommending old technology saying it’s the best option based on personal/anecdotal evidence. If older growers are still refusing to give LEDs a chance it’s because they’re too set in their ways to learn something new.