Master Marks soil blend

As I’m getting back into growing, I’m trying to absorb all the new information that has come out in the past 15 years. Has anyone here heard of or tried “Master Mark’s” soil blend and program?
It starts about 20 mins into this video, there’s a lot of talk in the beginning


Ya Iv seen this video not to much different than what goes into some of the super soils here there’s another one where he goes into more detail what is used it’s the basis of his BOOGIE BREW IIRCC


There is a whole thread on different recipes if you want to do some more learning.

I dig organic soil. I literally have it under my fingernails :joy:


Yea I realized I should of just posted in that thread afterwards. This blend just seems much simpler than most of the ones I’ve seen, not an ingredient list the length of your arm, no cook time involved. I know that the base soil has basically everything already, just making it better.
Also, seeing as I’m in Maine, I think I’m going to give coast of Maine Stonington blend a try first, more of a local flavor lol.


So looking into the Stonington blend, I see it’s based on a large container size. but what if your not veging long, and using it as the soil for the final transplant, mixing it up further like marks blend.

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That stuff isn’t cheap! Mixing your own is expensive to start, and takes work. I’m finding it pretty rewarding though. I didn’t spend anywhere near that much a bag.

You will hope it has been cooked, as chicken manure can be pretty hot. The cook time allows the micro life to break down the nutrients for your plants, makes them available to the roots.

If you aren’t gonna veg long then use an appropriate size container. Your plant should love it.

Edit: I also add oyster shell flour, azomite, and basalt rock dust for the micros to my mix. That soil seems somewhat short in that area.


Yea I’m going to shop around for it, lots of grow shops around me. Also looking at what it takes to mix my own vs just go with liquid organic fert and a good quality mix. Super soils have their appeal, but I like to mix and tinker during watering lol. The whole compost tea thing is new to me too. I’m going to start a worm bin soon.


It’s my first year back in many, and I’ve been doing the living soil thing after doing alot of research. Tinkering definitely sounds fun, but building my soil up, making teas, and not messing with buying nutes or much else, sounds more appealing.

You can grow good stuff, either way.